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Original Timeline:-

Four Million years ago

State Games ANNUAL 1986

And there shall come a leader ANNUAL 1985

Several hundred years ago

Kup's Story UK#132


The Transformers US#1

Power Play! US#2

Prisoner of War! US#3

Man of Iron UK# 9-12


The Enemy Within! UK#13-17

Raiders of the Last Ark UK#18-21

Autobot's Last Stand US#4

New Order US#5

Worse of Two Evils US#6

Warrior School US#7

Repeat Performance US#8

Decepticon Dam-Busters! UK#29-30

The Wrath of Guardian! UK#31

The Wrath of Grimlock! UK#32

Dis-integrated Circuits US#9

The Next Best Thing to Being There US#10

Brainstorm US#11

Prime Time! US#12

Christmas Breaker! UK#41


Crisis of Command! UK#42-44

The Icarus Theory UK#45-46

Dinobot Hunt! UK#47-50

Shooting Star! US#13

Rock 'n' Roll Out US#14

I, Robot Master! US#15

Plight of the Bumblebee! US#16

Victory ANNUAL 1986

Robot Buster! UK#59-60

Devastation Derby! UK#61-62

Second Generation! UK#63-65

The Smelting Pool! US#17

In The Beginning ANNUAL 1986

To a Power Unknown ANNUAL 1986

Bridge to Nowhere! US#18

Command Performances! US#19

Showdown! US#20

In The National Interest UK#74-77

Rumble, Skywarp etc are freed from the Ark.

The Mission ANNUAL 1986

Ravage is freed from the mine. Red Alert, Inferno, Grapple and Trailbreaker are repaired.

Missing in Action ANNUAL 1985

The Night the Transformers Saved Christmas - KIDS COMIC SPECIAL


Hunted ANNUAL 1985

Plague of the Insecticons ANNUAL 1985

The Aerialbots & Stunticons are created.

The Battlechargers debut.

Return of the Transformers ANNUAL 1986

The Protectobots & Combaticons are created.

The Predacons debut.

Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1986

Premonition of Special team take place

Cover Poster UK#100

Blood on The Tracks GI:JOE/TF#1

Power Struggle GI:JOE/TF#2

Ashes to Ashes GI:JOE/TF#3

All Fall Down GI:JOE/TF#4

The Throttlebots debut

Doomsday For Nebulos ANNUAL 1987

Stylor's Story ANNUAL 1987

The Technobots & Terrorcons debut.

The Ark is repaired

The Decepticon Headmasters are created


The Monsterbots debut.
The Targetmasters are created

The Final Conflict ANNUAL 1987

The Pretenders are created.

The Powermasters are created.
Optimus Prime is revived as a Powermaster

Chain Gang ANNUAL 1990

The Sparkabots & Terrorcons debut.
The Triggerbots & small Decepticon Headmasters debut.
The Seacons debut.


The Triggercons debut.
Gunrunner & Roadgrabber debut.
Beastbox & Squawktalk debut.

Prime Bomb ANNUAL 1989

Pretender Beasts debut

The Off road Patrol, Race Car Patrol & Air Strike Patrol debut

Autobot Hostage LADYBIRD BOOK
Nightbeat & Siren debut
Decepticons Underground LADYBIRD BOOK


Dreadwing Down ANNUAL 1990

Vroom & Crossblades debut
Skyhammer & Roadblock debut
The small Decepticon Pretenders debut

The Rescue Patrol, Battle Patrol & Sports Car Patrol debut
Erector, Overload, Hothouse, Ironworks debut
Flattop, Roughstuff, Airwave, Greaser debut
Groundshaker & Countdown debut
Skyhopper & Skystalker debut


Air Patrol, Construction patrol, Hotrod patrol & Monster Truck patrol debut
Military patrol & Race car patrol debut

Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1991

Astro squad & Metro squad debut
Battle squad and Constructor squad debut

Missile Launcher, Tanker Truck

Cannon transport debuts

The Energon Trap COMIC-MAGAZIN 13

Transformers in Action: The Countdown to a New Space Age! COMIC-MAGAZIN #14

The Cosmic Adventure: Memories of Bumblebee COMIC-MAGAZIN #15

Transforming Robots in Action: The Case of Optimus Prime COMIC-MAGAZIN #16

The Curse of the Pyramids COMIC-MAGAZIN #18

Transformers in Action: We are only strong as a team COMIC-TASCHENBUCH #3

Transformers in Action: "ARK, please respond...!" COMIC-TASCHENBUCH #4


Transformers in Action: Shockwave's Galactic Secret COMIC-MAGAZIN #19

Everyone Makes the Space-Robots? COMIC-MAGAZIN #20

Transformers in Action: In Memory of Earth COMIC-MAGAZIN #21

Secrets of space. From the chronicles of the Cybertron: Planet Without Hope COMIC-MAGAZIN #23

Destiny of the Dinobots ANNUAL 1989


Prime's Rib UK#235

At some point in time most of the transformers return to Cybertron.
Goldbug reverts back to Bumblebee. Optimus Prime reverts back to his original body.
Hotrod, Kup and Blurr lose their Nebulan partners


Ark Duty ANNUAL 1987



Main timeline 1986 continued

Target:2006 UK#78-88

Original Future: 2006 continued - Judgement day MOVIE ADAPTATION#2

1986 continued

Aerialbots over America US#21

Heavy Traffic US#22

Decepticon Graffiti US#23

Prey UK#96-97

The Harder They Die UK#98

Under Fire UK#99

Distant Thunder UK#100

Original Future: 2006 continued - The Final battle MOVIE ADAPTATION#3

1986 continued

Fallen Angel UK#101-102

Resurrection UK#103-104

The Gift UK#93


Many Autobots become injured on Earth. Prowl, Jazz etc

Ring of Hate HEADMASTERS#1

Afterdeath US#24

Gone But Not Forgotten US#25

Funeral for a Friend US#26 Mistake - Skids is in Limbo.

King of the Hill US#27

Original future: 2007: Wanted Galvatron: Dead or Alive UK#113-114

1987 continued

Burning Sky UK#115-116

Hunters UK#117-118

Fire on High UK#119-120

Vicious Circle ANNUAL 1987

Mechanical Difficulties US#28

Crater Critters US#29

The Cure US#30

Ancient Relics UK#125, ACTION FORCE 24-27

Buster Witwicky and the Carwash of Doom US#31

Broken Glass HEADMASTERS#2

Original future: 2007 - Headhunt UK#133-134

1987 continued

What's in a Name? ANNUAL 1987

Grudge Match UK#135-136

Ladies Night UK#137-138

Used Autobots US#32

Child's Play US#35

Space Hikers US#36

Love and Steel HEADMASTERS#3

Stargazing UK#145

Original Future: 2008 Legacy Of Unicron UK#146-151


Toy Soldiers US#37

Brothers in Armour HEADMASTERS#4

World's Apart UK#130-132

Enemy Action UK#152-153

Trial by Fire US#38

Desert Island Space US#39

Salvage UK#160-161

The Saga of the Transformers - So Far ANNUAL 1989

Pretender to the Throne US#40

City of Fear UK#164-165

Legion of the Lost UK#166-167

Meltdown UK#168-169

Deadly Games UK#170-171

Wrecking Havoc UK#172-173

Totalled US#41

People Power US#42

Cosmic Carnival US#44

Monstercon from Mars US#45


Original future: 2008 Prologue UK#180

Original future: Wreck-gar tells a made up story based on the story the ‘Big Broadcast’

Original future: 2008 Epilogue UK#181

Original future: 2008 Space Pirates UK#182-187

1988 continued

Fire Bug UK#188

Dry Run UK#189

Altered Image ANNUAL 1989

Cash and Carnage US#46

Club Con US#47

(A Pictorial History UK#200)

All in the Minds ANNUAL 1989

Cold Comfort and Joy UK#198


Time Wars UK#199-205

The Quest ANNUAL 1990

Note: The space-time rift repairs itself. In this new dark future Galvatron never time-jumped.

Dark Future: 2006 Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1987

Dark Future: 2006 Big Broadcast of 2006 US#43

Note: Unicron's head then lands on Junkion. The enslaved Junkions rebuild Unicron. Unicron then destroys Cybertron.

1989 continued

Flames of Boltax US#48

Cold War US#49

Dark Star US#50

Fall and Rise of the Decepticon Empire UK#213-214

A Small War UK#232-233 note - ignore date

Man in the Machine US#51

Survivors UK#219-222

Triggerhappy ANNUAL 1990

Guess who the Mecannibals are having for Dinner?US#52

Recipe for Disaster US#53

Mind Games UK#243

Two Megatrons UK#244

King Con US#54

The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship US#55

[Double] Deal of the Century UK#228

The Hunting Party UK#229

The Big Shutdown UK#230-231

A Race with the Devil UK#215-216 note - ignore date

Deathbringer UK#235-236

Way of the Warrior UK#237

Survival Run UK#238

A Savage Place UK#239

Rage UK#241

Assault on the Ark UK#242

Back from the Dead US#56

Resurrection Gambit US#57

All the Familiar Faces US#58

Skindeep US#59

Out to Lunch UK#240

Underworld UK#245

Demons UK#246

Dawn of Darkness UK#247

Fallen Star UK#248

Yesterday's Heroes US#60

Primal Scream US#61

Whose Life Force is it anyway? UK#249

The Greatest Gift of All UK#250


Bird of Prey US#62

Kings of the Wild Frontier US#63

Deadly Obsession US#64

Dark Creation US#65

All Fall Down US#66

Dark Future: 2009 Rhythms of Darkness US#67

1990 continued

The Human Factor US#68

Eye of the Storm US#69

The Price of Life US#70

Grimlock revives the Dinobots and arrives back at the Ark. The Nucleon is poured in to many Autobot pods. Megatron and Ratchet are the next to be revived.

Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1990

Optimus Prime decides not to surrender but to strike a deal with Scorponok.

Megatron escapes.

Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1992

The Battlechargers, Stunticons and Constructicons are repaired.

Perchance To Dream UK#255-260

The flashbacks take place as follows: Prowl was during “Decepticon Graffiti”. Ironhide was after “Man of Iron”. Sunstreaker was before “The Enemy Within”. Wheeljack was during “Shooting Star” and Silverbolt was before “Afterdeath”. Galvatron’s bug accelerated the revival of the five Autobots. During this story the Ark is deserted because the Autobots are striking a deal with Scorponok. The captured Decepticons are released.

Scorponok is convinced to return to Cybertron but leaves. Soundwave and the Battlechargers, Stunticons and Constructicons on Earth. The Decepticons leave first, across the space bridge. Megatron then meets Soundwave's group of Decepticons. Then Motormaster and the Battlechargers leave and join Shockwave. Mindwipe and Triggerhappy leave Shockwave.

Starting Over UK#261

Two Steps Back UK#262

Breakaway UK#263

Once Upon A Time UK#265

Desert Island Risks UK#264

Life in the slow lane UK#266 - Mistake: the Decepticons dialogue is the wrong way round.

Shockwave manages to steal some Nucleon from the Autobots and uses it to revive the Predacons and the triple-changers. Megatron also acquires some nucleon.

Snow Fun UK#267

Flashback UK#268

Mystery UK#269

Bad Guys Ball UK#270

The Living Nightlights UK#271

Cry Wolf UK#272

Wolf In The Fold UK#273

Where Wolf? UK#274

Secrets UK#275

Bugged UK#276

Internal Affairs UK#277

The House that Wheeljack Built UK#278

Divide and Conquer UK#279

The Four Million Year Itch UK#280

Makin' Tracks UK#281

Shut Up UK#282

Manoeuvres UK#283

Assassins UK#284

External Forces UK#285

The Lesser Evil UK#286

Inside Story UK#287

Front Line UK#288

End of The Road UK#289

Transformers in Action: Attack at Dawn COMIC-MAGAZIN #2

Transformers In Alaska: Damaged Ship on The High Sea COMIC-MAGAZIN #3

Transformers in Action: The Troy Principle COMIC-MAGAZIN #4

Transformers in Action: The Invasion Of The Decepticons COMIC-MAGAZIN #5

Transformers in the Battle for Peace: A Big Day for Powermaster Optimus Prime COMIC-MAGAZIN #6

Magnificent Six ANNUAL 1991

Transforming Robots in Action: New York — A City Sinking in terror COMIC-MAGAZIN #7

Transformers in Action: Megatron's Ultimatum COMIC-MAGAZIN #8

The Transformers' Grand Hour: Headmaster of the Dimensions COMIC-MAGAZIN #9

Transformers in Action: Wanderer Between the Worlds COMIC-MAGAZIN #10

Transformers in Action: He Who Laughs Last ... COMIC-MAGAZIN #11

Transformers in Action: "By their Blasters you shall know them ...!" COMIC-MAGAZIN #12

Transformers in action: Trust no Decepticon COMIC-TASCHENBUCH#2

Cover UK#300

Many Transformers who were re-activated become deactivated once more due to the side effects of Nucleon. Megatron is deactivated and captured by the Autobots. Hook, Line and Sinker arrive on Earth and take Galvatron to Cybertron. Grimlock returns to Hydrus 4 to get more Nucleon.


Surrender US#71
All this and Civil War 2 US#72
Out of Time US#73
The Void US#74
On the Edge of Extinction US#75
Still Life US#76
Exodus US#77
A Savage Circle US#78
The Last Autobot US#79
End of the Road US#80

Shockwave and Starscream leave the Ark before Fortress Maximus returns. They take some Nucleon to revive the de-activated Decepticons on Earth. The Autobots aboard the Ark continue to revive. Fortress Maximus now leads the Earthforce.

Optimus Prime returns the Neo Knights to Earth and meets up with Fortress Maximus. The remaining Autobots on Klo return to Cybertron.
Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron. Shockwave and Starscream have now re-activated many Decepticons.

Bludgeon and his Decepticons arrive on Earth and steal Megatron's body.

Another Time and Place ANNUAL 1992

Megatron and Bludgeon are both repaired. The Decepticons injured on Klo are repaired.

The new Nucleon is used and the Autobots regain their transformation capabilities.
Some time later Shockwave’s Decepticons powered by Nucleon, do well against the Autobots but many can no longer transform.

Megatron’s Decepticons arrive on Earth. Megatron's Decepticons fight against Shockwave’s Decepticons.

Megatron's Decepticons have a truce with Shockwave’s Decepticons and reluctantly join forces with Megatron as supreme leader once more.

Shockwave and Starscream are the first to become Action-Masters. Devastator is built as an Action-master because the Constructicons cannot combine.

Some more Decepticons become Action-masters. They are also given transforming vehicles, partners and weapons.

This prompts the Transformers to create their Action-Master process. The Action-Masters are given transforming vehicles, partners and weapons.

In a battle Fortress Maximus is badly injured so Spike quits.


Other Action- Masters are created.
The Decepticons also acquire new Nucleon.
Optimus Prime regains the Matrix.
Events focus on the Micromasters e.g. Air Patrol, Race Track Patrol etc.
The Elite Action-Masters are created.

The Turbomasters and Predators debut.
Rescue Force debut. The Constructicons are now yellow
Galvatron returns, joins the Decepticons and is repaired.

The Decepticons take control of the Ark.
The Decepticons leave Earth and head for Cybertron. The Autobots then follow.

The Transformers have now returned to Cybertron.

There is a massive battle on Cybertron. There are many casualties including Galvatron.
The Decepticons lose half their army. Some go in to hiding.
The remaining Decepticons leave Cybertron.
The Autobots and the Decepticons return to Earth.

The Decepticons stop using Nucleon because its side effects start to take affect. The Transformers use the new Nucleon to cure themselves.

Optimus Prime & Grimlock also stop using Nucleon and revert back to their original bodies.
The remaining Decepticons make a last stand on Earth. The Decepticons lose the war.
Bludgeon is disillusioned with Megatron and leaves him behind.
Later the other Autobots also stop using Nucleon.

Many months pass.

Ghosts US-G:2#2

Many months pass.

Unfoldings GI:JOE#138
Re-Alignments GI:JOE#139
War Without End US-G:2#1
Primal Fear US-G:2#3
Going South GI:JOE#140
Sucker Punch GI:JOE#141
Final Transformations GI:JOE#142
All or Nothing US-G:2#2


Old Evils US-G:2#3
War without End UK-G:2#1
Warzone UK-G:2#2

More characters debut: Axelerators, Snipe, Aquaspeeders & Pyro,
More characters debut: Lightformers, Trakkons.

Devices and Desires US-G:2#4
The Power and the Glory US-G:2#5

Artwork-Grimlock US-G:2#12

Artwork-Optimus Prime US-G:2#12

Artwork-Sideswipe US-G:2#12

Artwork-Decepticons US-G:2#12

Gatefold Cover Poster US-G:2#1

The Gathering Darkness US-G:2#6
New Dawn US-G:2#7
Escalation US-G:2#8
Swarm US-G:2#9
Total War US-G:2#10
Dark Shadows US-G:2#11
A Rage in Heaven US-G:2#12

The alliance is short lived and the Autobots and the Decepticons go back to fighting each other.
Megatron upgrades to his Archforce body.
US Aquaspeeders, Stormtroopers debut.


The Gobots debut.
The Autorollers debut.
The Lasercycles debut.
Hotrod, Kup, Blurr die.

Punch, Overkill & Slugfest debut.
The Clones debut.

Jetfire, is injured then rebuilt as a Cyberjet.
Optimus Prime is re-built in his new Laser rod/Illuminator body.
The Generation 2 Powermasters debut.

Optimus Prime defeats Megatron.

Galvatron defeats Optimus Prime.

Rodimus Prime & co arrive from the Time Wars.


The Void UK#251

Edge Of Impact UK#252

Shadow Of Evil UK#253

White Fire UK#254

The space-time rift erased the original timeline so Rodimus Prime destroyed his time travel device before he realised he was trapped in the wrong timeline.

Cover UK#150


Transformers in the Battle for Peace: Powermaster Optimus Prime - a Robot, a Hero COMIC-MAGAZIN #17 note - ignore dates


Inner Annual Cover ANNUAL 1989
The Headmasters were revived with the original heads that were left on Nebulos.


Aspects of Evil UK#223-227

The flashbacks shown take place in the following order:
Megatron was in Original future:1990, Scorponok was in Original future:1991. After Hot Rod’s partner Firebolt is killed the Headmasters, Pretenders, Micromasters return to Cybertron. Shockwave was in Original future:2003. Then Hotrod becomes Rodimus Prime. After “Time Wars” he ends up in 2009. Galvatron was in 2009 and Unicron was in 2010.


Peace ANNUAL 1989

Hundreds of years in the future

Many years later the Autobots and Decepticons become the Maximals and Predacons.

The Last Days of Optimus Prime TRANSFORCE


The McDonalds Beast Wars toys debut: Manta Ray, Rhino, Beetle, Panther


The McDonalds Beast Wars Transmetal toys debut: Dinobot, Scorponok, Black Arachnia


The McDonalds Beast Machines toys debut: Optimus Primal, Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Nightscream, Rattrap

Megatron, Thrust, Tankor, Jetstorm,