Maximals, or Maximal, are a small group of Autobots. The Maximal group has been dying, and has had six members. At some time, they were very smart, and advanced, though very savage, they had some savages and some smart people. Maximals' natural enemies are Predacon/Predacons. The maximals have been compared to the Anibots and the Dinobots. All three groups have reformed into Misfit Autobots/Cybertrons/Maximals, Anibots, and Autobot Dinosaurs/Dinobots. In this order (Anibots, Misfit Autobots, Autobot Dinosaurs.) Sometimes, the Maximals have been annexed by the Autobots, just like how the Female Autobots were annexed and made into another Sub-group. The Anibots get very ticked off when called, or compared to the Maximals. The maximals used to be a faction, but are basically a group. The maximals are sometimes called the Descendants of the Autobots, though sometimes, this isn't the case.


Like all groups, they have a symbol to differentiate themselves from other factions.

Their symbol is either a Green Autobot symbol, or some weird symbol looking like a Sabertooth tiger.


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