Maximus Prime, the true leader of the decepticons, took command after the battle of autobot city (transformers: the movie). He was created by the autobots when trying to revive optimus prime. He then used optimus' body, which now was his, to lead the decepticons, and destroy the autobots. First, he used his super fortress called Killerzone to destroy Superion, hound, and John Travolta. Then he got in a fight with sidimus prime, the new leader of the autobots. Now the autobots rebuild on the planet autocon, which is now their base since cybertron belongs to the decepticons

created by MP3, the player of music files, and transformers: generation x

a photoshop of what he looks like

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in issue #8, he gets possesion of the matrix, but he and optimus is seperated by a machine made by wheeljack and blacksmith (another fan character made by me)

and at the end, he opens the matrix, and it causes the matrix to power up his spark and causing him to become super powerful, but optimus prime uses the last of his strength to close the matrix, turning maximus back to normal with his newfound zombie robot power. But it teleports optimus' body to the end of the universe, and the autobots and decepticons rush to reclaim it (since it's obviously possible to travel to the edge of the universe at any speed equal to or less the speed of light and even then some).

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