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Large stripey orange cat



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Most of the universe


Emperor of Destructity


Um, the same

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Bored Fish era



"I left him with one arm simply so he could use it to deliver me snacks. Taking both of them off would have been pointless, as he could not perform that duty for me."

Amongst the ranks of the various Predacons (or Destrons or Destrongers or whatever) to claim the title of Emperor of Destruction, none have been more terrifying then Napoletron. Compared to him, various previous claimants to the title seem to be little more then garishly-coloured incompetent buffoons, not fit to deliver his snacks. He proved this point when he won the title, having killed and eaten the previous occupant.

A being of pure, unbridled evil, he lives only to conquer and destroy all in his path. The lives of both his victims and his own followers are meaningless to him. His men exist only to serve him, while those who oppose him are destroyed for their impudence. Only a select few of his followers are seen as little more then fodder, those who have earned his favour, such as his personal valet (who gets the duty of driving his too sweet spaceship.

Napoletron’s aim is nothing less then total conquest and the subjugation of all other races, bringing all of creation under his iron paw of terror. However, just because he is a conqueror and warlord does not prevent Napoletron from engaging in combat himself. On the contrary, he relishes the fury and excitement of the battlefield, and enjoys crushing his foes with his bare paws, er… hands. Hands, definitely. It is in the heat of battle that he feels the most alive, and it is when he is destroying his foes that he feels the most joy.

He’s so damn evil that he makes Clench blush. He’s so damn evil that he may be behind the Customercons.


Napoletron is tremendously powerful, with a tech spec full of tens. This means that he doesn’t need to justify what he does, he just does it because he can. His genius intellect allows him to create formidable battle strategies to confuse and cripple his enemies before he moves in for the kill, allowing him the glory of personal combat.

In beast mode, he is armed with a devastating array of fangs and claws, capable of penetrating most forms of armour. These are his favored weapons, as they allow him to close with his enemies and taste their terror as he crushes and shreds them. In robot mode, he is armed with a Holden-Seeking Kirdydump Launcher, which fires lethal chemical grenades at unsuspecting foes.

Napoletron is said to have no weaknesses. Anyone who knew of any was killed by him long ago.

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