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"Freedom is the right of all Sentient Beings"
—Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime is the Leader of The Autobots and the Succesor of Sentinel Prime and Alpha Trion. He can also be considered the succesor of Prima possibly. He is also the adoptive son of Zeta Prime.


Optimus Prime is the brave leader of The Autobots. He was once an Hothead Data Clerk called Orion Pax, he was best friends later the Adoptive Brother of Megatronus, until Megatronus betrayed him and friggin blasted him to death and shortened his name to Megatron. As newly rebuilt as Optimus Prime, Optimus is an brave Prime that never leaves his Autobots behind. He now also has an Epic rivalry with Megatron



After. Iacon was damaged and Orion's real parents died in the explosion, they left him to another city. Optimus Prime first started as a Young Autobot Kid called Orion, someone called Zeta Prime saw Orion and he tried to raise him as his son. Zeta Prime loved Orion as a son, so he sent him to an academy called "Young Cybertronians Academy". First off he also didn't know that he had a twin brother called Magnum. He gratued this academy and then he became the most top ranking students and then went to find a job. A Few Years later He went to an Energon Storage work. He got a nickname Pax and he worked as a clerk. He found an pretty fembot called "Ariel". He fell in love with her and he considered her as a girlfriend. Ariel also liked him and flirted with him. A Few hours later, he met an Gladiator Called Megatronus. They first met when the gladiator was focusing to fight the Decepticons and he met with Orion and he considered Orion his best friend and an adopted brother. Many Months later, Magnum survived the explosion and met his brother after many many years. He hanged out with him, helped him do his storage work and other stuff. Megatronus became jealous and got angry. He started hating on Orion and bullied him, but Magnum put him in the bad guys room. Megatronus found his path to the darkside and changed his name to Megatron. Orion wanted to apoligize but Megatron didnt except his apology and killed his father and the biggest leader of the Autobots called Sentinel Prime. Orion got angry and tried to stop him but Megatron shot him in the chest which damaged him badly and caused him to die. Ariel tried to avenge his boyfriend but Megatron shot him too and Magnum attacked him but Megatron shot him and throw him to somewhere on Earth called The Atlantic Ocean. Alpha Trion found Orion's dead body and rebuilt him into Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime found his father and asked him to speak but he died so he moved to Sentinel Prime. Sentinel Prime said he was a friend of Primes father and gave the Matrix to him and Optimus became the leader.

Season 1

Optimus Prime's Alt Mode from Season 1 Episode 1-2

When Megatron took the command of the Decepticons and convinced Starscream, Megatron ordered Starscream to fire, then Optimus Prime warned the Autobots to retreat and go to Planet Earth, Optimus got on Earth way after the Autobots and it's a good thing he survived. He crashed on somewhere on Texas to where a sign say welcome to Texas. He found an Fire Truck and quickly scanned it so nobody would find out, but a boy called James was riding and found out and he was shocked. Later Optimus explained that they didnt have much time because Megatron will invade the earth and kill all living beings. Megatron found Optimus and fought with him, and Optimus won by using his water pump. On Episode 2, They were on a mission to search the unknown source of Energon, Optimus said this energon might corrupt if Unicron replaces it with Dark Energon. Shockwave started corrupting the Energon but when Prime burts in his lab he shoots Shockwave and Megatron with his shock gun. He still didn't know that the Energon is still Dark Energon. In The Next Episode, he changes his vehicle mode into a semi truck and goes to James House when his parents are in job. He tells that James needs to stay with him to be safe. An Decepticon Hacker hacks Optimus Prime and Optimus falls down. James is worried and tells Optimus to wake up, but he won't.

Optimus's Prime's Alt Mode from Season 1 Episode 3 to Rise Of The Predacons forwards


Full Name: Orion Pax (Real Name)

Alias: Prime, Optimus, Orion, Big Bot, Big Guy

Gender: Male

Stasus: Deceased (Revived as Optimus Prime), Deceased (Revived), Alive

Rank: Leader

Optimus' Jet Mode in Transformers Super Upgrades Toyline.

Affilation: Autobots

Height: 9.1 meters

Allies: Zeta Prime (Adoptive Father), Unnamed Biological Mother and Father, Sentinel Prime, Alpha Trion, Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus (Biological Brother), Megatron (Former Adoptive Brother), Optimus Primal, The Maximals, Autobots

Enemies: Decepticons, Megatronus Prime, The Quintessons, Unicron, Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave, Nemesis Prime, Scourge

Rivals: Megatron, Gigantorex (2nd Movie Only)


Ion Blaster

This weapon is used to shoot and kill his enemies and rivals. This weapon makes very bad damage as it killed 1 Decepticon.

Energon Axe

This Weapon is used to claw and impale things. This weapon causes big damage just like the Ion Blaster.

Shock Gun

This Weapon is used to shock his enemies. It can make them unconscious.

Water Pump

This Weapon is used to deal with fires and threw things away. This weapon is gone when Optimus changes his vehicle mode.

The Star Saber

Optimus gets this weapon when he gets revived. It does heavy damage.


Main Line

Optimus Prime (Legends Class)

Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Axe

Optimus Prime comes with so many colors, His G1 colors, Show Accurate Colors, A Nemesis Prime Black Convoy Repaint, A Ultra Magnus without armor repaint, A Delta Magnus without armor repaint, Shattered Glass Optimus Prime repaint, Blizzard Strike Repaint, Nightwatch Repaint, His Movie Colors, An Darkside Optimus Prime Repaint, Blazing Prime Repaint, An Laser Prime Version, Scourge Version, An Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus Repaint from Laser Prime, An Golden Lagoon Convoy Repaint, An Military Camouflage Convoy Repaint, An Jungle Convoy Repaint, An Fire Convoy Version, An Navy Convoy Repaint, An Olympic Convoy Repaint and last but not least, An Desert Prime Repaint. It both has an robot mode and truck mode.

Power Surge Optimus Prime (Legends Class)

Accesories: Super Energon Sword, Super Energon Axe, A-10 Thunderbolt Engine, Super Energon Wings

Optimus Prime (Deluxe Class) (Unreleased)

Supposed Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Energon Axe

This Version was supposed to be an upscaled version of Legends Class, but was unreleased because they thought it would be a little small for Optimus Prime so its locked in the place where they created the toys and labeled it cancelled. It was supposed to have an truck and robot mode.

Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)

Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Energon Axe

This Version was supposed to be an Upscaled version of Deluxe Class, But because of Deluxe Class being cancelled, it is an upscaled version of Legends Class. It has both an Truck mode and Robot mode. He comes with 3 different colors, A Black and Red Repaint Named Darkside Optimus Prime, An Blazing Prime Repaint and an Blue, Grey and Black Repaint Named Nightwatch Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Energon Axe

This Version is an Upscaled version of Voyager Class. It both has an Robot and Truck Mode. He comes with bullets that is stored inside his Ion Blaster that fires in Robot Mode and comes with Exhaust Pipes that can transforms into guns.

Fire Convoy (Voyager Class)

Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Energon Axe, Water Pump

This Version is based on his appearance in Episode 1-2 where he is a fire truck. He both has an robot mode and fire truck mode. He is labeled Fire Convoy because he is an fire truck.

Jet Convoy (Transformers Super Upgrades)

He is an Retool of Voyager Optimus. It is one of the most known toys in this line. He has an armor that can convert him into a jet. He has an jet mode, truck mode and robot mode. To convert to jet mode, the parts of the jet must be attached to the body very very perfectly.


Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)

Accesories: Ion Blaster, Shock Gun, Energon Axe

Same as the American Hasbro release but more Show accurate.