Otto Man
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Arbitrary Autobots

—Otto Man (attributed)

A legendary figure mentioned only in hushed whispers, Otto Man might be the greatest Arbitrary Autobot warrior who ever existed. Or he might not even exist. It’s really hard to tell.

Nobody knows where the legend of Otto Man comes from, or how it got started. There are those who claim to have seen him, or heard about him and his awe-inspiring presence. It is said that he appears from nowhere and gallops across the scenery to aid those in distress, before vanishing with nary a word. While there may be some kernel of truth to this, the legends about Otto Man have grown over time to give him all sorts of skills and abilities that are, frankly, a little silly in places.

For example, it is said that Otto Man once killed a Decepticon with a single pebble. Or that he fights best when he’s had all his armour torn off. Or that he has mastered the art of diplomacy through the use of explosives. Or that he is a psychic, a forensic medical examiner, a sniper and a pterodactyl all at once.

Of course, all of this is speculation. It could be that Otto Man does not exist at all, and that his abilities and history are nothing but myth and legend, exaggerated over time. Or, as these things seem to inevitably happen, they could all be completely true.


What is known about Otto Man is that he is a master of the ancient Cybertronian Martial Art of Butros. Similar to Crystalocution, Butros uses precision strikes at the enemy’s weak points, usually along their flanks, to fracture their armour and disable them. A sudden, unexpected Butros attack is capable of disabling even the mightiest of opponents in a single, precise strike. The origins of the form are unknown and are as mysterious as its sole rumoured master.

Otto Man transforms into a robotic goat. In this mode, he is an expert at cleaning swimming pools. Obviously.

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