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Paleotrex is a Predacon Fossilizer from the Requiem continuity family.

Originally a Predacon named Dinomus, now reduced to bones after a horrific experiment from Tarantulas went wrong, Paleotrex could be considered an undead being. Originally just an ordinary Predacon warrior, when he became a Fossilizer, he and Ractonite started to try capturing Maximals for Trypticon, with Paleotrex trying his absolute hardest to do so. He's also able to easily remove parts of his body and reattach them, allowing for easy repairs. Paleotrex shares his fossil appearance with Wingfinger and Ractonite.


  • Paleotrex is based on Kingdom Paleotrex, while the name of his original identity, Dinomus is taken from a potential destiny for Dinobot in one of the Kingdom Golden Disk cards.
  • While he's only ever seen as Paleotrex, it's implied that Dinomus was visually based on Fox Kids Dinobot.
  • While he can dismantle and be reattached like the Kingdom version, he isn't seen forming weaponry and armour for other bots.
  • As of the time of writing, the Fossilizer Combiner isn't in Requiem, but the creator of Requiem does consider adding it one day.
  • Paleotrex's personality is meant to be a joking reference to the Undertale character Papyrus, with Ractonite's personality referencing Sans.