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Counter Revolutionary Organization


Chin-Lin US Oil Foundry


Chin-Lin Jungle

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United States Of America



The People's Revolutionary Front, or PRF as it was widely known, was a large force of mercenaries and criminals who were offered pardons by the Reagan Administration to fight against invading Soviet forces in the Chin-lin Jungle in 1988. They encountered Decepticons whilst fighting the soviets in their guerilla war, and it is believed they were wiped out.


In 1987 the Politburo, Russia's then goverment, authorised the invasion of a small area of Korea, known as the Chin-lin jungle, to drive out the tribal warlords and such who threatened the North Korea's drive to take control of the region and gain the large repository of Iron Ore and Fossil Fuels in the region. This caused nothing short of a panic attack in the United States, seen as many american firms operated within the area, allowing the administration the blessings of congress to send in Central Intelligence Agency agents to recruit mercenaries and pardon criminals to join a force that could oppose the ammasing Soviet forces. Eventually, a small but impressive force had arrived to defend the jungle's resources and at the same time sabotage the Korean People's Army and Soviet Army efforts to mine the resources of the Jungle. In 1988, both forces were busy attacking each other, when an unknown object crashed into the jungle. Locals, acting as scouts for the PRF, discovered the object was metallic and, unbeknownst to them, was a large Decepticon scout ship. The Decepticons had, infact, been monitoring the activities of the opposing armies, attempting to learn of each sides weakness. When one Deceptic

People's Revolutionary Front Forces On Patrol In Chin-Lin In 1988

on walked out, the locals attacked it with Ak-47 and RPG, failing to kill the scout which then attacked them with a gatling gun. The escaping survivors, desperate to reveal their story, were captured by Soviet soldiers and interrogated. The terrified locals revealed their story to the russians, who ignored their claims. However, the Decepticons, realising that sooner or later their existence would be discovered, made their attack against the RPF's main HQ, the abandoned Chin-Lin Us Oil Foundry, destroying the RPF's headquarters and the majority of their forces, effectively wiping out the entire organization.