Ah, another Sky Lynx remold.

Predaking joins the Combiner Wars as a remold of past Combiner Wars figures, including the Autobot Sky Lynx.

Predaking (CW)

Predaking was created as a clone of the Autobot Sky Lynx by Shockwave, who then partnered him up with four other Decepticons known as The Predacons. As their leader, he forms the torso of Predaking Maximus, a ruthless and savage warrior with the brain of a generous and the brute strength of two combiner robots. 

Predaking's Stat's!
Stat Rank
Strength 10x2
Intelligence 10x2
Speed 07
Bravery 09
Skill 09
Level 10
Endurance 09
Agility 7.5
Fire Power 10
Strategy 10

Predaking Maximus

  1. Predaking: Leader, Space Shuttle, Dinobird and Torso (Sky Lynx remold)
  2. Razerclaw: 2nd in Command, Race Car & Right Arm (Unit-3 remold) 
  3. Rampage: Race Car and Left Arm (Tigatron remold) 
  4. Headstrong: Drill Tank and Left Leg (Ram Horn remold)
  5. Tantrum: Pick Up Truck w/bull horns and Right Leg (Ironhide remold) 
  6. Divebomb: Plane and Blaster (Powerglide remold) 


Sadly, no individual Beast Mode's.

Notes and Trivia

  • There were no plans to create a Combiner Wars team of Predacons with individual Beast Mode's.
  • There are no plans to do the same with the G1 Terracons and Seacons.
  • Predaking is also based on his Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters counterpart.