Predaking (TF2017)
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At least over 4,000,000 B.C.

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The Predacons



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Predaking from The Transformers (2017 TV Series).


Predaking is the ferocious fusion of all five of the Predacons: Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum, and team leader Razorclaw. Predaking is highly unusual, perhaps even unique, among combiners by the successful fusion of each of his component elements' physical abilities and personalities. Most others of his kind are rendered stupid, suggestible, or borderline insane by the merging of minds, but the five Predacons are united by their shared love of the hunt, and produce a single complete persona. Between his physical prowess, unexpected mental acuity, and animalistic, almost instinct-fast hunting actions, Predaking is one of the most dangerous and intimidating weapons ever added to the Decepticon ranks. As a weapon he is without equal; as a warrior he is without restraint. He can lift one million tons without straining a circuit. When Predaking is on your trail, all hope is lost.


Arc 2

Predaking's first outing on Earth was in the course of a hunt by the Predacons against the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Prime having foiled the Predacons' initial attacks individually, they merged into Predaking and resumed the chase. Essentially Predaking's role in that hunt concluded once he had flushed Prime out into the open and worn him down, thus rendering him vulnerable to the attack of Megatron. The Predacons returned over the Space Bridge to Cybertron. |Prey|

Predaking's next foray on Earth was part of a scheme by Shockwave to destabilise Megatron's sanity to such an extent that the way would be clear for Shockwave to take command. Shockwave supplied fake Autobrands to the Predacons (and thus Predaking by extension) and the Predacons ambushed Megatron in the swamps of Florida. Megatron did not recall who the Predacons were thanks to a bout of amnesia connected to his earlier involvement with them. The Predacons had similar difficulties subduing Megatron in their individual forms and merged to become Predaking. Predaking fared little better against Megatron and was rendered unconscious by a blast from the deranged Decepticon's fusion cannon. |Gone but Not Forgotten|

Arc 3

Divebomb found life on Earth so dull he contemplated buggering off back to Cybertron, but knew he couldn't because it would leave the other Predacons unable to form Predaking. |Grudge Match|

Predaking was formed, however, during an attack on the Autobot forces on Earth's moon, joining his fellow combiners in fighting the Autobots' combiners. |Totaled|


  • Bud Davis reprises his role as Predaking.


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