The Protectobots of The Transformers (2017 TV Series).


This team of emergency, rescue and law enforcement vehicles are dedicated to the protection of humans and their homes. To this end, they will respond to any manner of mundane human emergency and help in any way they can.

The Protectobots combine to form the giant Defensor, who embodies the team's ideals of protecting human life.



The Protectobots were first shown in a vision given to Buster Witwicky and Optimus Prime by the Matrix. After seeing the vision Prime ordered the creation of both teams of Autobots seen in it, the Protectobots and Aerialbots. |Second Generation|

After an unknown amount of time after finally being built, the Protectobots' first known mission involved accompanying Optimus Prime to stop the Decepticons from stealing a hydrothermocline. They eventually battled the Decepticons within a game world called Multiworld, wherein they trounced the Combaticons with some help from the game's native inhabitants, then as Defensor killed Megatron by dropping them both off a bridge. Megatron cheated, however, and was able to re-create himself in the game. Optimus Prime defeated him for good, but in the real world decided that he'd lost the game as he harmed the video game's natives in doing so. As the game's terms called for the losing leader to be destroyed in the real world, Prime was blown to bits, and the stunned Protectobots hauled his remains back to the Ark in silence. |Afterdeath|

The Protectobots later were sent by Grimlock to track down the "traitorous" Blaster and Goldbug. Goldbug was captured by humans, but Blaster was secured after a fight with the Combaticons. |Used Autobots|

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