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|name = Ratchet

|Alternative mode = Ford Transit ambulance

|Profession = Medic

|Homeworld = Cybertron

Autobot Medic


Ratchet is level headed, calm and at some mght say overly catious. But he spends all his time putting 'bots back together, so you can't blame him for being like that. Red Alert is a long standing friend of Optimus Prime, and as such the Autobot's leader relies heavily on his advice. Ratchet is a such acts as the system's operator for the Autobot Space Bridge. He only goes into the field in order to perform emergency surgery on a comrade.


E.M.P. generator

Special ability

Ratchet's special ability is, as well as his immense medical skill, he can discharge high voltage surges of electricity, with the intended purpose of it acting as a defibrilator.


Jeffrey Combs reprised his role as Ratchet