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Hardcore, Roadhead



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"The only way to leave a fight is on top."

A master of martial arts, Recharge spent several centuries studying various fighting styles, from Metallikato to Jiu-Jitsu to Teras Kasi. He then discarded all the spiritual aspects of those styles, and focused solely on their ability to disarm, disable, and if necessary, dismantle an opponent. It's a good thing he is such a talented fighter, because his gung-ho attitude has gotten him into quite a few bar room brawls. His motorcycle form allows him to get into combat quickly, and would allow him to get away just as fast, if he ever actually surrendered. Indeed, Recharge would rather be carried out of a fight than run. It is this "never say die" attitude that is one of his greatest strengths and simultaneously his greatest weakness. While he can be reckless and is certainly fond of fighting, he is also a model soldier - at least when compared to his teammates. Of the team, he is the most fiercely proud and defensive of his status as an Autobot, and the prospect of the war ending without every last Decepticon dead or imprisoned is laughable to him.

In his superbike form, Recharge is one of the fastest land Autobots in a straight line, although his cornering leaves a bit to be desired. In robot mode, his only ranged weapon is a heavy sniper rifle that breaks down inside his forearm shield. The rifle is extremely powerful and accurate at long ranges, but utterly useless in close-quarters combat. This limitation suits Recharge just fine, however, as he'd much rather face his enemies with his fists and feet anyway. It is fortunate that he is extremely agile in both modes, as he is lightly armored and relatively small by Cybertronian standards. Despite his physical weaknesses, he has a remarkable tolerance for pain, making him capable of withstanding injuries that would send lesser warriors into stasis lock without going down. It is unclear whether this is due to some sort of error in his pain receptors, or if he simply incredibly stubborn.

Like his teammates, Recharge is overly fond of high-grade Energon, and needs to fill up at least once a cycle or else he enters a depressed state. Occasionally, he over-indulges, with results ranging from bar fights to minor revolutionary uprisings. While his robot mode is fairly durable, his tires are extremely vulnerable to damage, easily crippling his vehicle mode.