Ringer is an Autobot assassin and member of the Anti-Decepticon Force (A.D.F), a sub-group of Autobot Mercenaries stationed on Earth. He is considered as the most unhinged of the entire task force.

"Why did you bring a dead body?! I wanted to have fun tearing his arms off first !" -Ringer, arguing with Palisade and Balustrade.

Main Informations

Ringer transforms into a yellow Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and serves as a dangerous enforcer to Venaticus's squad. Small and slick, Ringer is as crazy as they come and a very real danger to anything on the road with him . As loyal as he is deadly, this Autobot is always ready to cause some mayhem in service of Venaticus. Sadly, Venaticus does not reciprocate his loyalty. That's most likely because Ringer never shuts up. Originally imprisoned on Iacon by the Elite Guard, who considered him too great of a threat to be free, Ringer was freed by Cryterion after the Ark had fled Cybertron.

Arriving on Earth the same time as Venaticus, Ringer is well kwown for his malicious and sometime psychotic behaviour on the battlefield. Tracking down his enemies and waiting for them to believe they're safe, Ringer looks nothing like what the common belief thinks an Autobots looks and acts like. He joined the Autobots not because he agreed with their ideology, but only because had he joined the decepticons, it would have been like playing on "easy mode" for him.

Ringer is equiped with many different types of sharp-edged weapons, from simple knives, to a huge axe, Ringer also posesses a needle-gun, and a chain.


  • Tom Kenny voices Ringer
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