"Autobots Mobilize!"
—Riot Magnus

Riot Magnus is a former Decepticon, who changed sides after an Autobot named Ultra Magnus gave his life to protect him even though he was an enemy. He later joined the Autobot cause, trying to redeem himself from his Decepticon past.


he is silver in color with some black parts, he has a bulk structure, due to his vehicle form. His head piece would look similar to that of armor-less ultra-magnus with a few distinction which can still tell them apart enough to know the difference between the two bots.


He tends to keep to himself, but is grateful for the chance to fight on the autobot side giving him a chance to clean up his past mistakes he does tend to get into conflict with some of his teammates because of being a former decepticon.



Riot Magnus originally named Riot, served in the Cybertronian Police Force working under Orion Pax. Riot belonged to the special weapons and tactics (SWAT) unit serving as it's unit commander.

Riot Magnus was a part of the cybertron police force, working under the bot named Orion Pax. Riot Magnus later joins the deceptioncons after getting tired of the council's and autobots corruption. killing autobots mercilessly but he would always make sure he had cleared the area from civilians when ever could because he joined because he wanted to see a better cybertron free from tyranny so eventually megatron came up with a plan to kill him because he felt that he could be prone to betraying the cause because of this so they make a plan to assassinate ultra magnus but the plan was meant to kill them both

so my character is about to face off with, magnus but is about to be shot with an experimental weapon which magnus jumps in front of as he sees that this decepticon has just reasons but was wrong in his way so he acted out of instinct my character faught them off and killed a couple and some got away anyways my character takes ultramagnus body to optimus prime and turns himself in

he gets locked up optimus later tries to get him to fight on his side he says no but starts thinking about it and eventually joins and takes the name riot magnus as a sign of respect for the autobot who gave up his life for him.





Special Ability

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