Ronald Q. Obvious

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The Government


Giant alien shape-changing robots in general



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The Government

"Giant alien robots... I know they're out there, watching me, plotting against me"
—Ronald Q. Obvious

Ronald Q. Obvious is a secret agent for The Government, assigned to some nebulous secret agency. Not much is known about what he does or who he does it for, only that it's very secret and mysterious. He can't even say which secret agency he works for, because it's that damn secret. Suffice to say, he goes to great lengths to maintain his cover, such as always wearing a black suit with sunglasses, regardless of the situation.

For all his skills at espionage, Ron has one serious weakness. Somewhat paranoid and delusional, he believes that Earth has secretly been invaded by giant alien robots who disguise themselves as ordinary vehicles and machinery. These robots, he believes, are out to strip earth of its resources for use in their wars of interstellar conquest. As a result, he feels that it's humanity's duty to stop them.

Oddly enough, he's right. In fact, it was because of his paranoia that The Army was actually prepared for the Customercon invasion of Earth.

Japanese name: Government Man
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