Scourge is a ruthless Decepticon warrior. Originally a neutral during the opening days of the war, he joined the Decepticons after being persuaded into joining their cause by Gigatron. Since joining the Decepticons, he's proven himself as a powerful and cunning warrior who was unmatched in combat, especially when paired up with the commandoes, a unit of elite Decepticons led by Mega-Octane. Even though he led the Decepticons to victory after victory, his physical resemblance to Optimus Prime has created numerous problems for him throughout his life. This coupled with his victories and cruelty in combat led him to being nicknamed "Nemesis Prime" by Autobots, Decepticons and neutrals alike. His greatest rival is his fellow Decepticon Sky-Byte. After the end of the Great War and the fall of the Decepticon empire, Scourge joined the Destrons and upon joining them, was put under the command of Stockade.

Scourge Alt Mode (Beaga)

Scourge's transport truck alt mode.


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