Shattered Glass Armada is a Shattered Glass version of Transformers: Armada, created by TheCharlieGamer. The story follows the Decepticons as they try and gather the power of the Mini-Cons to stop the evil Autobots, however, another evil being soon appears, with his own minion.

A sequel, Shattered Glass Energon is planned as well.


Heroic Decepticons

Evil Autobots

  • Optimus Prime - The sadistic Autobot leader.
  • Nemesis Prime - The upgraded form of Optimus Prime.
  • Sparkplug - Optimus Prime's Mini-Con.
  • Blurr - A cold-hearted warrior.
  • Incinerator - Blurr's Mini-Con.
  • Hot Shot - A traitorous back-stabber.
  • Jolt - Hot Shot's Mini-Con.
  • Jetfire - A despised, strict second in command.
  • Comettor - Jetfire's Mini-Con.
  • Overload - An Autobot drone.
  • Rollout - The controller of the Overload drone.
  • Red Alert - A lazy medic, who does poor repairs.
  • Longarm - Red Alert's Mini-Con.
  • Scavenger - An Autobot who can be seen as a guide for Optimus Prime.
  • Rollbar - Scavenger's Mini-Con.
  • Sideswipe - A highly intelligent warrior.
  • Nightbeat - Sideswipe's Mini-Con.
  • Smokescreen - A cruel, sadistic warrior.
  • Hoist - Smokescreen's rebuilt form.
  • Liftor - Smokescreen's Mini-Con.
  • High Wire - One of the three Street Action Mini-Cons.
  • Grindor - One of the three Street Action Mini-Cons.
  • Sureshock - One of the three Street Action Mini-Cons.
  • Perceptor - The combined form of the above 3.



  • While mainly faithful to the Armada story, just with the character's moralities, personalities and colours all being different, there are a few differences, such as Nemesis Prime and Galvatron are switched. The original Armada Galvatron and the fanmade SG Armada Nemesis Prime are new names for the evil leader's upgraded form, where as the original Armada Nemesis Prime and the fanmade SG Armada Galvatron are evil clones of the heroic leader. Primus also replaces Unicron, and Rook and Crosswise are switched, making Rook the Decepticon head and Crosswise the Autobot head, like how the original Sideways toy was going to be. Megatron and Tidal Wave combining also replace Optimus Prime and Jetfire combining.
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