Shellshock is an Autobot Destructobot from the Exiles continuity family.

"What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY?"


Shellshock's Alt-Mode: T-90 Tank

Most of the time, shellshock is a perfectly amiable guy. He is easy to get on with,tells jokes and likes helping out. However, even the slightest thing can send him flying off the hook. Shellshock's rage issues are legendary. He once pulled a decepticon's head off for looking at him funny. Despite his lack of control, Shellshock is a very capable soldier and the Destructobots resident explosives expert. There's nothing Shellshock doesn't know about making things explode. 

Shellshock hates the Decepticons with an unending, burning fury. He wants to see them all dead by his hand, a trait shared by his compatriot Rotorhead (the difference being Shellshock wants to kill Decepticons, whereas Rotorhead just wants to kill things). Shellshock collects parts of his enemies as trophies. He likes to keep the faction symbols, but if that isn't possible (it's been blown off) he'll just take the head or arms. When Shellshock's aggression levels get too high he tends to take it out on things, such as buildings.

Shellshock is an incredibly accurate shot, able to pick off planes while in tank mode. He has an almost limitless number of munitions he can fire (with pinpoint accuracy) from Cryo Grenades, Energon Streams or Sonic Detonators. His favorite however are the kind that blow up. Blowing things into shrapnel is more of a hobby than a job for him. Shellshock loves nothing more than picking off a platoon from a few miles off with a good old fashioned exposive shell. He can also drop mines behind him to "give enemies the slip".


Shellshock carries electron mines which he can drop from underneath in vehicle mode. He has Sonic Detonators, Heatseeking Missiles, Cryo Grenades and Energon Streams. Shellshock's treads can flip out spikes  for added traction (or running things over). His gun emplacement can flip out smaller guns including machine guns and laser beams. His favorite weapon however is the Shell Shocker. It's a fear bomb. When it lands, it emits a frequency that triggers a response of fear in transformers.

In robot mode, Shellshock has claws built into his wrist and an axe. He has a X18 Scrapmaker and a Thermo Rocket Cannon. The gun emplacement becomes a backplate, giving him shoulder mounted missiles and machie guns. As the explosives expert, he carries an assortment of grenades and detonators. He can shout at a loud enough volume to shatter glass (and the building it's set in).

Fictional Biography

Special Ability

Shellshock can merge with the other Destructobots to form Ruinator. He forms the right leg and most of ruinators weaponry, including his Destructor Beam. In limb form, he can still flip out weapons to give Ruinator "Leg-Guns".

Shellshock is also equipped with an experimental Holo-Field. He can project a hologram to disguise himself as anything, as an attempt to make up for his not-so-stealthy personality.

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