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Green snake-like helicopter



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Dead grey

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Close Air Support, scaring Sam Jackson

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"Me on a Me!"

Snakeocopter (Sometimes Snakeocoptor) is a Customercon who transforms into a snake-like helicopter. Which while it might seem obvious, think about how stupid it would be if he turned into a helicopter-like snake. I mean, really? What would that be anyway? Some sort of snake with rotors or that spun itself around to fly? Much better to be a helicopter that looks like a snake. That makes a lot more sense.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Snakeocoptur. By Customercon standards he has a high degree of individuality, which manifests itself in a desire to be as obnoxious as possible. He’s a loud and annoying braggart who constantly talks up how good he is and how amazing he is and the awesome stuff he’s done. So much so that he needs to devise new hybperbolic adjectives to describe himself. Right now he’s up to awesomeamazestuperballs, and that took a lot of effort.

Snakeacopter is so enamoured of himself that he even has his own personal NoYouTube channel where he talks about himself and how amazing he is. This endeavour is somewhat offset by the fact that he only has a single subscriber, being Wangstmuffin. And even then, she only follows him because she clicked the wrong link on her Myfase feed and can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from him. None the less he continues to produce lengthy video rambles about his awesomeamazestuperballs exploits.

Unfortunately for Snake O’Copter, his ego got the better of him during the Customercon invasion of Earth. He eagerly volunteered for a dangerous mission to take out a vital bridge. All pumped up over how awesomeamazestuperballs it would be, he was caught by surprise when he was spotted by a lone government agent and shot down. In his excitement, Snakeothopter had forgotten to reformat to an Earth mode and as such, was a wee bit conspicuous. As in, a bright green helicopter that looks like a snake flying over the desert in restricted airspace conspicuous.


Snakeocopter's robot mode, which is actually more ridiculous looking


Aside from his ego and colourful alt-mode, SnakeMcCopter is a typical example of a Herberjerb body-type Customercon. As such, he is fast and agile, but not overly durable. It goes without saying that he’s not too smart either. He is capable of transforming into a snake-like helicopter with a maximum speed of ooh gosh fast and rotors that go swoosh swoosh swoosh. In both modes, he is armed with a pair of Venom Laser guns that shoot bright green laser beams. Nothing to do with snakes, by the way. He just likes the name.

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