Soundblaster was a man-made Transformer created by KSI out of the remains of the Decepticon Soundwave. KSI collected as much of his remains as they could from the aftermath of the Battle of Chicago for a prototype for the CIA. Soundblaster was designed for advanced surveillance and computer infiltration to be used for combating foreign and domestic terrorism. Galvatron, a reincarnated Megatron, secretly designed Soundblaster in the image of Soundwave to serve as a new communications officer. After the Battle of Hong Kong, the Decepticon Galvatron attacked the KSI off-site facility in China where Soundblaster was stored. Galvatron brought Soundblaster online and made him a Decepticon. Soundblaster was, in fact, instrumental to the Decepticons' plans. In the years that followed, Soundblaster acquired pets to serve him, conducted intelligence operations against the enemy, and was remade into a true self-aware Cybertronian by Quintessa.

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