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Unknown General

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General Nicholai Kirilenko


Chin-Lin Russian Main Encampent


Chin-Lin Jungle

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USSR, Soviet Army



The Soviet Forces in Chin-Lin jungle, often referred to as "Jungle Ruskies" by the People's Revolutionary Front, were the main force of the Soviet Army to aid the Korean People's Army forces in Chin-Lin in 1987-88.


In 1987 the Politburo, Russia's then goverment, authorised the invasion of a small area of Korea, known as the Chin-lin jungle, to drive out the tribal warlords and such who threatened North Korea's drive to take control of the region and gain the large repository of Iron Ore and Fossil Fuels in the region. This caused nothing short of a panic attack in the United States, seen as many american firms operated within the area, allowing the administration the blessings of congress to send in Central Intelligence Agency agents to recruit mercenaries and pardon criminals to join a force that could oppose the ammasing Soviet forces. Eventually, a small but impressive force had arrived to defend the jungle's resources and at the same time sabotage the Korean People's Army and Soviet Army efforts to mine the resources of the Jungle. The effect on the Soviet forces morale was devastating, as now they had to compete with not only the extreme heat, lack of food and medicine, but now an entire guerilla force hell-bent on driving them out. Back in Moscow, however, the threat was analysed to be minimal at best, even though the analysts hadn't even arrived at the jungle to investigate, to save face and raise troop morale. They also sacked the current Russian commander, claiming he was a poor example of a general, and sent in General Nicholai Kirilenko to lead the now struggling army. When the PRF discovered an investigating Decepticon ship, the Russians shrugged off reports from panicked locals, even when the PRF's HQ was completely destroyed by said threat. By the near end of the year, the Russians were dealing with the straggling survivors of the Decepticons crushing attack, oblivious to the rapidly diminishing Fossil Fuel levels as the Decepticons drained the jungle dry.


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