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"I can’t believe that Snape just killed John Snow!"

Spoiler is one of the Arbitrary Autobots and, in many ways, one of the most dangerous. It’s not just that she is a hazard to Customercons (because she is), but more that she is a danger to everybody around her due to her inability to control whatever blurts out of her mouth. Spoiler has a complete cerebral cortex-vocal module disconnect, and it shows.

The biggest problem is that she doesn’t think about what she’s saying. For example, imagine if you were watching a particularly bloody TV show with a reputation for killing off major characters unexpectedly. You hadn’t watched the latest episode for whatever reason (like, for example, you were too busy fighting alien robot invaders or being mauled by a cat). Suddenly, without a hint of a warning, Spoiler would reveal a major plot twist and the death of your favourite character in casual conversation.

What makes this even worse is that this limitation doesn’t just extend to TV shows (or books, movies, musical theater, video games, ancient Babylonian epics or other forms of entertainment). This extends to everything Spoiler says. If you give her sensitive information, she will blurt it out. It you give her a battle plan, she will yell about it in the middle of a fight. If you tell her not to repeat something, then she will immediately repeat it at the top of her lungs (okay, so she’s a robot and doesn’t have lungs but you get the point) so that everyone around her can hear her.

It’s gotten to the point that Spoiler has been banned from time travelling, just in case she blurts something out that causes history to be completely re-written.

Which is a pity, because she’s actually one of the Arbitrary Autobots’ most capable warriors on her own.


In robot mode, Spoiler is a crack shot. She is armed with a lazer crossbow, which is a crossbow that shoots lasers. Don’t ask how this works, okay? It’s pretty cool if you don’t think about it, and we’ll leave it at that. She is also a potent hand to hand combatant, and is the best unarmed fighter among the Arbitrary Autobots. Her punches and kicks are devastating, especially when aimed at obvious weak points. She is also surprisingly adept at aquatic combat even if she doesn’t have an aquatic alternate mode.

Spoiler uses a special power source called “Gahm” which she needs a constant supply of to maintain her strength. Unfortunately, she leaves used Gahm wads all over the place.

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