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The Autobot Protection Front is an organization founded to defend the Autobots from the world that has turned on them.


Carter Slade - Leader, Founder, Field Agent (Active)

Sophia 'Fia' Slade-Carson - Founder, Field Agent (Active)

Sean Martin - Founder, Field Agent (K.I.A.)

Craig Wilson - Founder, Field Agent (K.I.A.)

Zoey Wilson - Founder, Fiend Agent (K.I.A.)

Sam Witwicky - Founder, Field Agent (Active)

Carly Witwicky - Founder, Field Agent (Active)

Leonardo 'Leo' Spitz - Technician (Active)

Robert Epps - Field Agent, Commander (Active)

'Hardcore' Eddie Speight - Field Agent (Active)

Mikal 'Hooch' Vega - Field Agent (Active)

Marc 'L' Sheard - Field Agent (Active)

Joshua Joyce - Lead Engineer/Technician (Active)

Su Yueming - Security (Active)

Gill Wembley - Engineer/Technician (Active)

Mikaela Banes - Engineer (Active)

Kenneth MacReary - Engineer (Active)

Hot Shot - Autobot Soldier (Active)

Red Alert - Autobot Field Medic (Active)

Cliffjumper - Autobot Soldier (Active)

Bulkhead - Autobot Warrior (Active)

Tailgate - Autobot Soldier (K.I.A.)

Blurr - Autobot Scout (K.I.A.)


After the Battle of Chicago, the governments of Earth completely turned on the Autobots, despite them being heroes of the battle. The AFP in its begining was coming together as an organization to help the Autobots kick the last Decepticons off the planet for good. This included renovation and retrofitting of a recovered Cybertronian vessel to act as a mobile base. Its name was only recoverable as a few letters, S,T,H,V, and N. It would later be renamed to Avenger. The primary financiers were the Wilson and Martin families.

The newly-formed Cemetery Wind went after Sam Witwicky for info on Bumblebee's whereabouts. They were thwarted on acquiring Sam and his new wife Carly, but his parents, Judy and Ronald, were captured as leverage. When refused, they were killed. This pushed Sam and Carly to seek revenge for the loss, and devote to APF full time. The group officially founded the APF aboard the completed Avenger.

The APF ran several missions over the five years since the Battle of Chicago, rescuing Autobots, wrecking the stray Decepticon. It helped that the humans of APF managed to build a couple of human-piloted mechs that mimic Cybertronians for assistance against 'Cons, and for when the heat is on them.

One mission about half a year before Optimus Prime was found again turned into a disaster. Cemetery Wind ended up catching the APF in an ambush. Founders Zoey and Craig Wilson, and Sean Martin as well as Autobots Tailgate and Blurr ended up dead. Autobots Hot Shot, Cliffjumper, and Bulkhead ended up in critical condition. The next months were spent with Red Alert and the APF Engineers helping to repair them.


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