Thundercracker is one of the major characters in Transformers Armada: Redux. Thundercracker was part of Megatron's team of Decepticons who hunted for Mini-Cons on Earth. Thundercracker is an arrogant young officer, who demanded more respect from those higher in authority, and is disillusioned with Megatron's leadership. Despite having been raised as a Decepticon, Thundercracker is conflicted over the sympathy he feels for the humans and the Mini-Cons, which may lead to his inevitable rebellion leading in a direction that not even he predicted.


Thundercracker is an adaptation of Armada Starscream , as in the original version of Armada, Starscream shows many traits, such as a conflict between his Decepticon ideals and his sympathy to humans, that align with the original Thundercracker. 

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