Til All Are One, Part 2 is second episode of Transformers: The Last Prime.


[Previosly, on The Last Prime.]

B-127: Hey chief why are soo gruff?

Dion: I have my reasons yellow flash.

Sharkticon: Archorce take cover.

Archoforce (yells): DIE FIVE-FACED FREAKS.


Magnum: Orion, an Invaders coming.

[Straxus' ship almost reaches Cybertron.]

Orion: In other words Magnum?

Ariel: We are outnumbered.

Starscream shoots at the Autobots.

Orion: Ariel, Magnum order Omega Supreme to assist us.

Dion: What about me Pax?

Orion: Glad you asked old friend you tell Jazz to radio Zeta Prime for backup.

[Orion's friends understand the orders while Straxus' ship land savely.]

Megatron: Decepticons ATTACK.

B-127 (Narrating): Full circle ahh.

Tapout: Eat our dust Deceptithugs.

Tapout and Beta are jumping over an cliff.

Tapout: Hurry little budy.

Thundercraker: Not so fast.

[B-127 transforms and jumps out of Thundercraker's range.]

B-127: Only you think so pal.

B-127: That some cliff jumping Tapout and Beta.

Tapout: Thanks and really was thinking about new name and the new name is Cliffjumper.

Beta: Ok boy we have a city to defend.

[With many Decepticons Jazz shoots some Seekers in his tower.]

Jazz: What's shaken you up oil timer?

Dion: Jazz Orion sed that we need help.

Jazz: No problemo no worry, Jazz to Zeta Prime do you read me the Cons are bitsing Iacon City we need help repeat The Cons are bitsing Iacon City.

Megatron sees Jazz calling for help.

Megatron: Soundwave jam the transmission.

Soundwave: Understood Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble operation interference.

Dion: Ohh scrud the Casseticons.

Jazz: Don't worry D i'll shake my toons.

[Jazz creates wall of sound whitch the Casseticons are unable to break.]

Dion: Good move.

Jazz: Thanks

Magnum: What is the problem?

Omega: Please enough fighting all i want is to rest.

Ariel: But Omega Supreme we need...

Omega: I have spoken.

B-127: I don't think so Omega the Decepticons are storming Iacon

Beta: We need you big bot.

Cliffjumper: We really need you Megatron is making his big push and have to push back.

Omega: Do not say a thing you have spoken my friends.

Omega transform into starship and leaves his lair.

[The Autobots are meeting on the same destination.]

Orion: I though you are outside the city.

B-127: Over our sparkless husks we'll stink around (laughs).

Cliffjumper: Look.

Orion: Thank the allspark.

Sentinel Prime and co. land their ship and help Orion Pax's friends.

Sentinel: Autobots attack.

Gears: You are mine by the Primes.

[Megatron laughing.]

Megatron: Die Autobots.

[Megatron transforms into his alt mode and Thundercraker grabs him and shoots at Gears and Brawn.]

Orion: I got to help Prime.

Dion: Stay here Pax.

Zeta: Archforce it's me you want.

[Megatron transform back to robot mode and rushly hits Zeta Prime.]

Megatron: I'll torn your optics.

Zeta: Not a chance.

Orion: No you don't Megatron.

Zeta: Out the way Orion.

Megatron tries to snap Orion's neck and kill Zeta, but Zeta is brutally shoot two time in the chest and Orion dropped.

Zeta: Archforce why??

Megatron: We both know why i'm here and i was waiting thirty megacycles for that.

Zeta deafeats Megatron and fall over an edge.

Zeta: I looks like you a gonna wait a little longer.

Orion: I'm sorry my friends.

Ratchet: Hey don't be harsh on yourself.

Orion: Can you repair them Ratchet?

Ratchet: I'll try to fix them, but get Zeta Prime inside.

Zeta: Noo.

Orion: Save your strength Zeta Autobots TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT.

[All of the Autobots are transforming.]

Megatron: Right now while they are vulnerable.

Omega: Not if i have anything to say about it.

Omega Supreme shoots on various direction against the Cons.

Makeshift (Soundwave): What about the Autobots Megs?

Megatron: Who are you and Soundwave doesn't talk like that.?

Makeshift: Makeshift from Neon City actor, director, writer of many movies.

Skywarp: Prepare for a very large headache.

[Skywarp takes matal stick to beat Omega Supreme.]

Omega Supreme: Your weapon is useless.

[Omega Supreme shoots at Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, Skywarp, Starscream. We now see in Autobot hospital.]

Ratchet: I fear that his wounds are critical.

Sentinel: Worry not Ratchet Orion Pax.

Orion: Here Prime.

Sentinel: Take it.

Orion: What?

Sentinel opens his chest and the Matrix is shinning.

Orion: I am not ready sir.

Zeta: Nor was i, but within you beats the spark of hero and dedicated Autobot Pax.

Orion: I won't fail.

Sentinel: Til all are ooone.

Orion takes the Matrix and he freezes and gets invatation from Primus.

Primus: Orion Orion Pax!

Orion: Who is that?

Primus: I'm Primus.

Orion: Primus Unicron's archnemesis, creator of the Primes and the Matrix of Leadership.

Primus: So you did your homework, but when someone takes the Matrix i give the wielder my wisdom and do you?

Orion: I accept.

Primus: Excellent

[As we see Primus rebulting Orion to Optimus Prime, but also Beta to Arcee, Dion to Ironhide, Magnum to Ultra Magnus, Ariel to Elita 1 everyone is completly silent and Zeta Prime's corpse turns from blue to black. While trying to stop the Decepticons Omega Supreme is fully brused.]

Megatron: Enough Decepticons fall back.

Thundercraker: Why are retreating we almost finished him.

[Megatron hits Thundercraker.]

Megatron: Does anyone have other questions?

Optimus: How do i look Autobots?

Hound: Handsomly.

B-127: Undeniably.

Ironhide: Prime.

Optimus: My first order Ultra Magnus, Elita will you stay to guard Cybertron in my absense.

Both (Elita, Ultra): Understood.

Optimus: Team Prime let us roll out..

[The END]

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  • The episode was made on Paul Eiding's birthday.
  • The episode has number of references to G1.
    • Megatron's troopers incursing Iacon is like the Decepticons incursing Autobot City in Transformers: The Movie.
    • Jazz calling Zeta Prime is like Blaster calling Optimus Prime like in Transformers: The Movie.
    • Soundwave sending his Casseticons to jam the call for help just like in Transformers: The Movie.
    • Prepare for a very large headache is quote that Brawn sed to Shockwave like in The Ultimate Doom, Part 3.
    • Primus reforming Orion is like Unicron reforming Megatron, but with different bargain like in Transformers: The Movie.
  • In the early stages of the episode Zeta was going to be torn in half not brutally wounded by Megatron.
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