Transformers is a Japanese-American action-adventure science-fantasy comedy superhero television series based on Hasbro's "Transformers" which should premiere on Cartoon Network.

Opening Narration

"Hailing from Cybertron, here come the Autobots, a quintet of giant robot champions fighting for good over evil. Their ongoing mission, to defend planet Earth from the deadly Decepticon Empire: Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots—strong, vigilant, and fearless as a lion, guiding his four noble warriors under his command; Ratchet, second-in-command—a crafty medic with a big brain that brings the team together; Arcee—flies like a dove, but strikes like a falcon, hence a match for the brute force on the team; Grimlock, a former Dinobot—a wisecracking navigator who pilots the amazing starship, the Ark, and laughs at danger; and Bumblebee—a small but brave little tyke, and the youngest member of them all. These are the adventures of the autonomous robotic organisms from the planet of Cybertron. Autobots, transform and roll out!"
—Garry Chalk

Setting and Plot Summary

Four million years ago, Cybertron was a peaceful planet, but when Megatron was elected supreme ruler of Cybertron, half of the planet's inhabitants protest against his rule which escalated into a civil war in an effort to overthrow him and his rule.

During the war on Cybertron between the heroic Autobot Resistance and imperial Decepticon Empire, Zeta Prime, former supreme ruler of Cybertron, decides to throw the Allspark through a space bridge to an unknown location. The Allspark holds all Cybertronian life and possesses vast powers that must not fall in the hands of the Decepticons. Eventually, it becomes clear that Cybertron is slowly dying without the Allspark due to the destabilization from mining of the planet's core. Optimus Prime, the founding father of the Autobot Resistance, along with Ratchet, Arcee, Grimlock, and Bumblebee, are soon forced to evacuate on their scout ship, the Ark before Cybertron explodes, making them the sole survivors of the biggest massacre in Cybertronian history.

While exploring the universe to find a place to colonize, the Autobots manage to find the Allspark hidden in its temple. The Autobots take the Allspark back to their ship to resurrect their home, but are soon confronted by the Decepticons over it, sending everyone crash-landing into Earth where they remain entombed and offline for four million years. Eventually awakening in the year of 1984, the Decepticons manage to slip away with the Allspark in their hands to find Energon in order to regenerate it, capturing and using Professor Otis Watson, an automotive service and clean energy company CEO, as leverage to complete their mission, while the Autobots team up with his daughter, Charlie Watson, vowing to safely recover him and the Allspark from Megatron's clutches.

As the Autobots settle into their new home at Charlie's Lighthouse, the Watson Corporation's first headquarters located on Watson Island in Brighton Falls, CA, and learn about Earth culture and customs, they eventually gain five more members, including Cliffjumper, Jetfire, Wreck-Gar, Seaspray, and Ultra Magnus. Meanwhile, the Decepticons gain five more members, including Thundercracker, Brawl, Barricade, Scourge, and Cyclonus.

By the end of the first season, Professor Watson is ultimately rescued and he resumes his role as CEO of Watson Co. while he and his daughter assume control of each of the company's two headquarters separately, helping the Autobots in their duties to defend Earth. By the end of the series, the Allspark was ultimately destroyed, and the Decepticons are sent to Graviton Prison, a maximum-security holding facility located in the mouth of the Black Hole, where they will rot for the rest of their days, while the Autobots remain on Earth as their true home which they will learn to love and share along with the human race for all eternity.


Season 1

# Title Premise
1 The Adventure Begins, part 1 When a small colony of Autobots comes into possession of the powerful Allspark, a battle with their supposed-to-be-dead enemies sends them crashing toward a strange, distant planet known as Earth.
2 The Adventure Begins, part 2 The Autobots race to the rescue at last to stop the Decepticons from kidnapping the Watson Co. founder.
3 Moving Day It's moving day for the Autobots as they are taken by Charlie Watson under her lighthouse where they can colonize. Meanwhile, the Decepticons discover they are setting up their new base in Brighton Falls, so they go there to investigate.
4 Headmaster A disgruntled Watson Co. employee seeks revenge and profit by taking control of one of the Autobots and sending him on a rampage.
5 The Battle of the Leaking Roof Charlie wants the roof of her house fixed when a hurricane is approaching. Rather than admitting that he's too scared to go out in this weather, Ratchet reminds Prime that fixing the roof is a training exercise.
6 Into the Scrapheap The Autobot base is being invaded and overrun by deadly Scraplets, leaving Optimus Prime and Arcee trapped in the Arctic.
7 The Challenge A protoform lands into the North Pole, and it's a race between the Autobots and Decepticons to determine who acquires it first. Luckily, the unconscious Optimus Prime has yet to play his trump card, thus Cliffjumper is born!
8 Bumblebee, You're Fired! Another protoform lands and Shockwave gets there first hence Thundercracker is born. The Autobots place blame on Bumblebee for letting this happen, and after receiving a pink slip from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee becomes a prisoner to the Decepticons.
9 Wanted! A Robin Hood-like criminal escapes from prison, hiding on Watson Island where Optimus Prime, and his Autobot colony, currently reside.
10 The Deadly Flowers The Decepticons invent deadly plants only on humans to ensure the California National Guard doesn't stop them from reaching the Autobot Base.
11 Nature Calls Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Charlie get more than they bargained for when they head out to the remote woods to investigate a mysterious energy signal.
12 Victory! Megatron's lackeys' bickering over a waste of Energon becomes worse when they all engage in a Jerry Springer-styled riot, accidentally hitting the Energon which destroys the Nemesis in the process. Thinking they have won the Great War, the Autobot decide to salvage parts from the Decepticon ship and free Professor Watson and the Allspark. But the destruction of the Decepticons turns out to be an elaborate ruse planned by the Decepticons themselves.
13 Dark Designs Ratchet has been abducted into his ranks by Megatron, but things didn't go so well for him.
14 A Prime Problem Megatron creates a clone of Optimus Prime to lure the Autobots to one of his latest traps.
15 The Spark Ratchet and Bumblebee are sent to defend a crashed protoform from Decepticon soldiers. They are successful, thus Jetfire is born!
16 Atlantis, Arise!, part 1 Cliffjumper discovers an undersea realm of Sub-Atlantica, where its inhabitants are much protective of their land than he thinks.
17 Atlantis, Arise!, part 2 With Atlantis under Decepticon control, the Autobots are in serious jeopardy.
18 A Little Game of Cat & Mouse Megatron attempts to make a new Decepticon soldier using a crashed protoform, but it has already taken its form to become Brawl, a mentally insane rogue.
19 The Autobot Race When the Autobots perform a race for charity, the Decepticons take the opportunity to trap them in their vehicle modes.
20 Dark Voyage Starscream and Shockwave blow up a pit of Energon where Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, and Grimlock are mining in. All four Autobots are blinded, and must somehow make it back to base.
21 Attack of the Autobots After a surprise attack by the Decepticons, the Autobots repair themselves in their regeneration chambers, only to emerge...EVIL!
22 Springtime Blues Ratchet is infected with a cold-like virus which causes him to expel his Energon supplies in the form of destructive sneezes. Eventually, he will not only destroy the Autobots' headquarters, but himself as well. Meanwhile, Grimlock and Arcee sneak into the Nemesis, hoping to find the vaccine for the virus.
23 Mystery Meat Charlie discovers a conflict over changes of her boyfriend's school's lunch menu, and there's only one Autobot who knows about healthy foods: Cliffjumper!
24 When the Bough Breaks Now with enough Energon to regenerate the Allspark, Megatron offers a too good to be true cease fire to the Autobots.
25 Jailbreak!, part 1 Megatron harvests its power to create the ultimate weapon with enough power to end the Autobot Resistance forever.
26 Jailbreak!, part 2 Optimus Prime sacrifices himself to allow Professor Watson to escape from the Decepticons and reunite with his daughter at last.

Season 2

# Title Premise
27 Rest in Peace, Optimus Prime Following the destruction of Megatron's ultimate weapon, the Autobots believe that their leader is presumed dead.
28 Double Discovery, part 1 Two protoforms, Wreck-Gar and Barricade, have been discovered by Megatron, and are made into soldiers in his empire's ranks.
29 Double Discovery, part 2 Thanks to the efforts of Ratchet, Optimus Prime, and after a battle with the Decepticons, Wreck-Gar disbands the Decepticons and joins the Maximals, as he reveals himself as a tracker for the Autobot Resistance.
30 Surprise Party Charlie and Wreck-Gar go on a crazy adventure as an uneasy duo, and who knows how it'll turn out?
31 The Return of the Headmaster Optimus Prime is forced solve both problems with Charlie getting tricked into being kicked out of her home and Wreck-Gar ending up beheaded all because of the Headmaster.
32 Fire on the Mountain, part 1 The Crystal of Power has been discovered in Peru, and Megatron intends to have it for himself.
33 Fire on the Mountain, part 2 With the Crystal of Power in his possession, Megatron intends to use it to exterminate the Autobots for good!
34 The Legend of the Flying Dutchman There's a really bad storm at Watson Island which scares the Autobots. To make things worse, a boat seems to be heading straight for the rocks. Charlie worries about this and ponders that it could be the mythical ghost ship, scaring the Autobots even more. Turns out the curse of the Flying Dutchman was nothing more than a psychotic rogue named Scourge, whom Megatron eventually captured to make a new Decepticon out of him.
35 Divide and Conquer The Autobots must journey to the Nemesis to retrieve a vital piece of technology to save the life of the critically wounded Optimus Prime.
36 Enter the Nightbird The Decepticons capture Nightbird, a deadly ninja-bot, and turn her loose on the Autobots.
37 Crisis on Two Earths, part 1 The Autobots receive an unexpected surprise visit from the "Shattered Glass" version of Megatron.
38 Crisis on Two Earths, part 2 The good version of Megatron leads the Autobots into a spring cleaning in his dimension to get rid of his foe army who murdered all his comrades but him.
39 Crisis on Two Earths, part 3 Optimus Prime has to fight his evil counterpart for the fate of the Shattered Glass universe.
40 Ultra Wild Card An unlikely hero, in the form of Ultra Magnus, general of the Autobot Elite Guard, arrives on Earth and sets about reuniting the scattered members of the Autobot Resistance.
41 Deep, Deep Trouble Seaspray arrives on Earth looking for Scourge for revenge after his comrades were murdered at his cold hands long ago.
42 Control, Alt, & Delete While trying to find a cure for the virus on the Teletraan-1 module in the Watsons' Lighthouse, Arcee finds herself caught between Seaspray and Scourge.
43 Rain, Rain Go Away Megatron sends several prototype clones of Starscream, known as Seekers, to attack the humans and the Autobots. Depending on who perfects it first, the new technology has great potential in determining the outcome of the war.
44 The Warlord, part 1 Megatron introduces Cyclonus, a Decepticon warlord specially bred to hunt down Autobots.
45 The Warlord, part 2 Bumblebee and Seaspray were accidentally teleported onboard the Nemesis. Will they be able to survive by depending on each other?
46 Four Ways to Sundown The Autobots and Decepticons remember their war on Cybertron, with each side recapping what happened during their campaigns against each other.
47 Go With the Flow Megatron has kidnapped Memo, Charlie's boyfriend, to finish a giant disruptor ray that targets Autobots. Memo follows his directions from Megatron but Arcee and Seaspray arrive and save him when Memo destroys the machine unintentionally.
48 Charlie Joins Up Charlie, along with her father, invents her latest creation to turn the tide.
49 If the Decepticons Won Charlie and Professor Watson are accidentally teleported into a distant cave outside of Brighton Falls. The Autobots need to find out the password to Professor Watson's computer and retrieve them, but their efforts instead triggers a time capsule recording compiled by Professor Watson to be played only if Megatron attained absolute victory.
50 Endgame Megatron’s endgame is about to reveal itself. Every Decepticon has been a calculating step closer to his plan. The planet is filled with hybrids just like Cybertron. Megatron is going to activate them all and Earth will be destroyed.
51 Danger and Destiny, part 1 The magnetic blast goes off and all electricity goes out all across the globe. Megatron then activates the hybrids and the world is his.
52 Danger and Destiny, part 2 Megatron has the power of the Earth's core to finally resurrect Cybertron, and the Autobots need a last-minute miracle to defeat him as the Great Cybertronian Wars come to an end.


Each of the webisodes was focused on one of the characters, and set during the early part of the first season, ranging from episodes 4 to 6.

# Title Description
1 The Autobots' New Arsenal While being introduced to their new weapons based on their battle classes, the Autobots are alerted about an early Decepticon attack on a nearby village. Megatron and Soundwave sends a whole army of Decepticlones to stop them, but Teletraan-1 sends the Autobots their Cyber Key Powers. With that upgrade, Autobots defeat the Decepticlones and drive Megatron and his Decepticons away.
2 The Ballad of the Decepticon Empire After yet another defeat, Megatron thinks back about the times in the cruel Great Cybertronian Civil War. We learn that the planet Cybertron is beset by crime waves and government corruptions as a successful act of coup d'état by the Decepticons, which triggers the Great War. Megatron’s underlings convince him that they would rather finish what they started before continuing their master plan. When Megatron announces a showdown at high noon, the Autobots arrive just in time to face his challenge and soon have the Decepticons on the run.
3 Prime & Prejudice While Optimus Prime and Charlie are spending a night out in the desert, three Decepticlones (each with one type: heavy, light, and air) follow him, and explain to each other what they know about Optimus Prime (through flashback). The Heavy Units use various traps to capture him, but Optimus thwarts their plan of kidnapping and defeats them easily. In the end, other Autobots are outraged because he got in a fight without them.
4 The Doctor is In The California University of Science and Medicine is hosting the first National Scientific Symposium, for America's most brilliant minds in all their fields to meet and share their research to benefit the whole human race. The first speaker is Ratchet, who is then called into battle by Optimus Prime after his speech. Mid-battle, Ratchet realizes it was trick to lure him away from the University, so he returns there just in time to save the day.
5 Hungry, Hungry Grimlock The Autobots are having dinner together, but their base is overrun with Decepticlone Light Units. While the rest start keeping them at bay, Grimlock just keeps eating until one of the Light Units destroys his food. Infuriated, Grimlock gets a Cyber Key boost from Teletraan-1 and launches himself on a food fight-style rampage. When he is done, he demands dessert.
6 Bumblebee TV Bumblebee participates in a wrestling “cage” match with his opponent, Colossus Rhodes, and has to do a perfect 10 run in 3 minutes to win. But in the midst of the match, Colossus now runs loose, scaring everyone out of the coliseum despite Bumblebee's Cyber Key boost. Michael Buffer guest stars in this webisode.
7 The Football War On Christmas Day, Charlie receives a new pet bird who turns into a video camera, Sundor. With it, she attents Sunday Bowl match later on, with Arcee as her escort until she is called off to battle Rumble outside the stadium. She successfully fights her rival, who, defeated, mouths her off, screaming "That really hurt, you *dolphin sound*!", shocking everyone present, including Arcee and Charlie.
8 Big Ideas from a Human Being The Autobots reluctantly agree to help Memo with his school science project, with explosive results; the Decepticons has infiltrate the school to ambush the Autobots. Luckily, the Autobots use the ultra-armor to defeat the Decepticons even more easily than before. Well done, Memo!


Autobot Resistance



Following the death of Zeta Prime, supreme leader of all Cybertronians, the Autobot Resistance, led by Optimus Prime, is a stateless interstellar coalition of republican dissidents, revolutionary factions and anti-imperialist clandestine cell systems in a resistance movement against the imperialist Decepticon Empire. The Autobots' goal is to avenge the Republic of Cybertron to ensure freedom to all Cybertronians.

Main Roles

Name Attribute Weapon of Choice Alternate Mode Function Voiced by
Optimus Prime
Knight symbol


Longsword Freightliner FL86 COE semi-trailer truck Founding father and leader of the Autobot Resistance Garry Chalk
Sentinel symbol


Double-Headed Mace 1979 Nissan Onebox Vanette Ambulance Medical Officer/Chief Executive Richard Newman
Bowslinger symbol


Small Crossbow 1980s Suzuki touring motorcycle Combat Specialist Mila Kunis
Ninja symbol


Five-Bladed Shuriken 1979 VW Beetle Scout Bumper Robinson
Smasher symbol


Morningstar Komatsu PC200 excavator Navigator Bill Fagerbakke

Supporting Roles

Name Attribute Weapon of Choice Alternate Mode Function Voiced by
Quickshot symbol


Conversion Revolvers Camaro Z28 Land Support John Tui
Bazooker symbol


Four-Tube Rocket Launcher Space Shuttle Air Support Johnny Yong Bosch
Brawler symbol


Katars Mitsubishi Fuso Canter garbage truck Tracker "Weird Al" Yankovic
Swashbuckler symbol


Dual Machetes Los Angeles-class submarine Sea Support Kevin Conroy
Ultra Magnus
Sorcerer symbol


Sun Staff JNR Class D51 General of the Elite Guard Patrick Stewart

Decepticon Empire

Decepticon Logo


The Decepticon Empire is a fascist monarchy that replaced the Republic of Cybertron and ushered galactic civilization into a new age. An oppressive, autocratic regime with a complicated bureaucracy, the Decepticon Empire seeks to ensure singular rule over every state and civilization on Cybertron.The Decepticon Empire is described and portrayed as an arrogant and brutal dictatorship, one based on nationalization, state terrorism, xenophobia, enslavement and genocide of non-Decepticons (such as Autobots), power projection, threat of lethal force, and, above all else, constant fear.

Main Roles

Name Attribute Weapon of Choice Alternate Mode Function Voiced by
Sorcerer symbol


Moon Staff M1A1 Abrams Emperor of the Decepticon Empire David Kaye
Bazooker symbol


Rocket Launcher Self-propelled artillery truck Prime Minister Alvin Sanders
Swashbuckler symbol


Dual Katanas AH-64 Apache Aerial Specialist Michael Dobson
Brawler symbol


Spiked Knuckles 1943 Mitsubishi J59 Military Jeep Hitman Don Brown
Quickshot symbol


Six-Shooters 1975 F-15 Eagle Decoy Tom Kenny

Supporting Roles

Name Attribute Weapon of Choice Alternate Mode Function Voiced by
Bowslinger symbol


Large Crossbow Sea Harrier FRS1 Air Support Scott McNeil
Smasher symbol


Large Double-Bladed Axe Alvis Saladin Berserker/Enforcer Gary Schwartz
Ninja symbol


Six-Bladed Shuriken Porsche 956 Land Support Mark Oliver
Sentinel symbol


Double-Headed Trident Iowa-class battleship Sea Support Vic Mignogna
Knight symbol


Broadsword Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Warlord Corey Burton


Decepticlone Type(s) Voiced by Alternate Mode Description
Light Units Matthew Wood Cybertronian Motorcycle The spearhead of the Decepticlone army, they chase down fugitive Autobots with their astonishing speed and maneuverability, and finish them off with their lethal pulse weapons. Their main strength is in numbers; swarming around their targets and confusing them with pulse fire. They use this advantage well, always travelling in large phalanxes.
Heavy Units Matthew Wood Cybertronian Tank The brute force of the Decepticlone Army; these deadly drones will destroy anything in their way.
Air Units Matthew Wood Cybertronian Jet Swarming in massive numbers, they provide air support when the ground-based Decepticlones attack. They're not very smart, but they have incredible speed and almost unlimited numbers.


Character Voice Actor Description
Charlotte "Charlie" Watson Hailee Steinfeld Daughter of Doctor Otis Watson and temporary owner of Watson Co.'s first headquarters who allied herself with the Autobots after her father was kidnapped by Megatron, offering them advice and knowledge about Earth.
Professor Otis Watson Jonathan Frakes The father of Charlie Watson and an futurologist and founder of Watson Co., who also happens to be the world's leading expert in the use of energy (i.e. Energon).
Guillermo "Memo" Gutierrez Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Charlie's boyfriend who goes to school while she is homeschooled by her father when she was young.

Video Game Adaptation

Transformers is a role-playing video game produced by Takara in association with Konami. The plot in this adaptation is very different to the main summary, centering around Wreck-Gar as he searches for and frees his Autobot friends and reunite them against their Decepticons foes from terraforming the Earth.


In an unknown star system, a transwarp portal opens, releasing two starships, a fleeing Autobot vessel, the Ark, and a pursuing Decepticon mothership, the Nemesis. Though the Ark holds its own for a time, it carries many scars of battle, and then, it loses its engines and gets caught in the planet’s gravitational pull and plummet to its surface. Inside the Ark were ten Autobots, each with its own battle class, (Bazooker, Bowslinger, Brawler, Knight, Ninja, Quickshot, Sentinel, Smasher, Sorcerer, and Swashbuckler) who immediately evacuate their ship’s destruction when they separate from each other in the process.

Wreck-Gar, one of the survivors of the attack, awakens from his stasis lock in his new form (a garbage truck) scanned by Teletraan-1, who reveals that the other Autobots were seemingly missing after the crash and dispatches him to find them. During his investigation, he encounters and confronts Scourge, who recently captured Ultra Magnus after defeating him in a battle. Eventually, Ultra Magnus manages to free himself using his staff and helps Wreck-Gar defeat Scourge. After defeating Scourge, Ultra Magnus reveals that the only way free their team and defeat the Decepticons is to use Cyber Keys, which will give extra power boosts to every player or opponent during battles. Eventually, Wreck-Gar and Ultra Magnus start traveling the globe, rescuing their Autobot brethren (including Bumblebee, Ratchet, Jetfire, Arcee, Grimlock, Cliffjumper, Seaspray, and Optimus Prime) while defeating bosses from every chapter (including Starscream, Soundwave, Cyclonus, Rumble, Thundercracker, Brawler, Shockwave, and Barricade).

Once the Autobots reunite, Optimus Prime reveals that Earth is being invaded, for Megatron is planning to terraform Earth for his Decepticon army, since Cybertron was destroyed by the Cybertronian Civil War. Once the Autobots arrive at the Earth’s core, they confront Megatron, who happens to be a powerful opponent, though the final boss in this video game. With everything they got, the Autobots swiftly battle and defeat Megatron, and then, they banish the Decepticons to Graviton Prison, a maximum-security holding facility located in the mouth of the Black Hole, where they will rot for the rest of their days. In the end, with the world saved, the Autobots gain the public’s trust and are honored at the White House.


  • All Cybertronian characters should have similar appearances to the characters from the Generation One Transformers and Challenge of the GoBots, but only in different colors.
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