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User of the Month is an award given to those users who the community believe they deserve it. A good candidate should be helpful in the community, by participating in the community wide editing war by cleaning up articles, categorizing, sourcing images. A good candidate should also be a trustworthy and a welcoming one, who tries to help and guide new users to follow policies, to become active community members. Of course, a good candidate should be an active writer of their own fanon. The reward of User of the Month is held for one month, after a winner is determined.


To nominate a user, put:


You may nominate as many users as you'd like, however, you may not nominate yourself. Nominations will be open throughout each month, but a winner is not determined until the end of each month.

Voting To vote, place a # and a reason. Then sign it. If there is no reason, the vote will be voided at the end of the voting period. Remember, if you have no valid reason to oppose someone, but don't wish to support them, then don't vote at all. You may vote for every nominee, one way or another, but you may not vote for the same nominee twice. Per the Voting Policy, you may vote for yourself. Remember, you cannot nominate yourself!

Former winners of the User of the Month award can be found in the archives.

Current Standings

These standings are determined by who has the most votes.


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