Transformers Fanon Wiki

Here is an unofficial continuity system consisting of various reading/viewing orders of all the official Transformers stories only. No Fanfiction. (Missing stories have been substituted with speculative notes.)

There are different types of Transformers continuities.


This includes the canon: Generation 1, Generation 2, Beast Wars & Beast Machines.
There are 10 continuities:-

Marvel Comics UK Continuity - Generations

Cartoon Continuity - Generations

Manga Continuity - Generations

Alternators Continuity - Generations

Combined Continuity - Generations

Robots in Disguise Continuity - Generations

Books Continuity - Generations

Regeneration Continuity - Generations

GI Joe crossovers Continuity - Generations

Dreamwave Continuity - Generations

Unicron Trilogy

This includes the canon: Armada, Energon & Cybertron. There are 4 continuities:-

Dreamwave Continuity - Unicron Trilogy

Cartoon Continuity - Unicron Trilogy

Books Continuity - Unicron Trilogy

Panini Comic Continuity - Unicron Trilogy


There are 3 continuities:-

Comics Continuity - Classics

Manga Continuity - Classics

Brochures Continuity - Classics


There are 4 continuities:-

Transtech Continuity - Timelines

Shattered Glass Continuity - Timelines

Masters and Mayhem Continuity - Timelines

Wings Continuity - Timelines


These are unique continuities. There are 8 continuities:-

New Combined Continuity

Animated Continuity

Prime Continuity

Go! Continuity

Cloud Continuity

Cyberverse Continuity

Rescue Bots Books Continuity

Prime Wars Trilogy Continuity

IDW comics

There are 3 continuities:-

Transformers Vs. GI Joe - IDW

IDW Comic Continuity

New IDW Comic Continuity


There are 3 continuities:-

Main Continuity - Films

Titan Comic Continuity - Films

Video Games Continuity - Films