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Transformers: New Generations is a fanon reboot series of Michael Bay's Live Action Transformers. It will consist of all of the Transformers Movies from the trilogy, recent ones such as the "Last Knight" and adding a few new ideas. The idea for this is that I was not too happy with the certain deaths of characters, not enough screen times or even given roles. So this is to fill some plot holes of the stories using the games and some from the comics. The fan fiction series is being written by me and updates to the series will come soon when one story is finished.

Movies Series

The movies will be separated by saga segments.

Prime Saga

Secret War Saga



  1. I am dubbing some or most of the lines from the movies, games and comics. (even the cheesy lines)
  2. I will be using some of things from the stories like the all spark cube, the matrix of leadership and the space bridge (Pillars) but in my own way.
  3. I will use non-existing movie characters from toy lines and comics to fill roles.
  4. When Arcee appears in the story I will use her 2007 version because it looks better like in the comics also her sisters will look the same just with different heads.
  5. I will only use movie based Transformers.
  6. When Wheeljack (Que) appears in the series just imagine wheeljack from the comics also like the new Lost Age Toy and not Albert Einstein.
  7. There's going to be a little of romance. (nothing sexual or anything like that, of course)
  8. Yes Bumblebee can talk.
  9. Remember I can't promise anyone on who survives and dies but remember this "War does not choose who survives. Only nature."
  10. And yes Sam. Why? Because I'm use to the name and he'll be less whining and renamed to Spike later on.
  11. Sentinel Prime will not betray the Autobots
  12. I will try to get all of the movie adaptations as I can (If it doesn't exist in the movies and/or comics I can't use it or them)


  1. I changed some of the dialogue around, so be prepared for that.
  2. Most of the scenes are reenactments of the movies and games. (May contain spoilers if you have not watched the movies, play the games and/or read the comics yet.)
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