Ultra Zogamus
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Planet Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Giant futuristic car carrier



Sensor color


Personal information

Fishimus Prime, Anniehide


Customercons, Tobacco Marketing Representatives


Customercon Wrangler


Second Banana

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Bored Fish era


Arbitrary Autobots

"No, I cannot refund your hyper-flibbletwerrk blaster. Not only is it used and out of the package, but the receipt you provided is actually a banana peel. And we don’t even sell hyper-flibbletwerk blasters here. Go away"
—Ultra Zogamus

Ultra Zogamus is the second in command of the Arbitrary Autobots, which is a somewhat dubious title. The younger brother of Fishimus Prime (However that works, best not to ask) his rank is based on the fact that he also turns into a truck and his toy being at a higher price point then anyone else’s. However, he does not have a glowy thing inside his chest. Whether or not he has a little guy with a moustache in there remains to be seen.

Aside from being the number two, Ultra Zogamus has the unenviable job of being the Aurbitrary Autobots’ chief Customercon Wrangler. This means he has the responsibility for trying to deal with Customercon hordes and get them into some semblance of order while dealing with their inane queries. Often this involves explaining why what they are demanding of him (or anyone else around them) is completely physically impossible and furthermore, often entirely against any laws of causality that exists in all of time and space.

Naturally they don’t listen at all.

This usually leaves him with option number two, which is to blow them up. Not only does this make more sense than actually talking to them, but it usually producers a more satisfactory result for all involved. That it means that he never has to talk to that particular Customercon again is just an added bonus.


Ultra Zogamus has a tech spec with a lot of tens on it; this might be because he’s so strong and powerful, or because he has a big, expensive toy. In robot mode he is armed with a number of weapons, including Zap Zap guns and missile launchers. He also wields the Zog Hammer, which is a mighty hammer that shoots lightning bolts in addition to smashing things. I mean, come on, how cool is that?

His most powerful weapon, however, is the Rhino Button. This device summons a robot rhinoceros to impale and/or trample the offending Customercon. This weapon is obviously rather impractical, but, gosh darn it, it is fun.

In his vehicle mode, Ultra Zogamus transforms into an outsized car carrier. This allows him to transport other Arbitrary Autobots, or alternatively carry large shipments of Warm Flat Black Fuzzy.

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