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My Transformers Universe

My own idea of a series of Transformers fanfics. Though they'll all take place in a "shared" universe with characters from various continuities. This is my own personal canon, with the "gray areas" either fixed or altered. Characters with asterisks (*) are original characters.


  • Team Prime/Ark Crew:
    • Optimus Prime - Originally a working-class data archivist named Orion Pax (later Optronix), he's the leader of the Autobots. He's the captain of a squadron of his most powerful Autobot warriors that crash-landed on Earth. He is both brave and compassionate (can also be seen as relatively naive and too idealistic), inspiring greatness in those who follow him. Optimus has a strong sense of justice and righteousness and has dedicated himself to the protection of all sentient life; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold his belief. He's a combination of the G1, live-action movie, and Aligned/Prime versions.
    • Rodimus Minor/Hot Rod - A graduate from the Autobot Academy, he is Optimus' second-in-command and defacto commander of the team whenever Optimus is incapacitated or unavailable. He idolizes Optimus Prime, whom he calls "Big Boss", and will do anything to prove his worth to him. Optimus believes Hot Rod has the potential to become a great leader after seeing him in action. Some refer to him as the "chosen one", who is expected to become the next Prime. He and Bumblebee have a brotherly relationship, ever since he saved Bumblebee's life. He transforms into a Dome Zero-like race car. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, Aligned, and Cyberverse versions, with a bit of Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy, Animated and Prime) and Prime Smokescreen.
    • Prowl - The Autobot police car, one of Optimus Prime's trusted lieutenants and Sub-Commander. He was a member of Cybertron's security force before the war. He's also a keen Cyber-Ninja prowess with elements of Circuit-Su and Metallikato. He's a combination of the G1, live-action movie, Animated, and War for Cybertron versions.
    • Jazz - A Cool Bot and First Lieutenant. He's also training to be a Cyber-Ninja, with Prowl helping him with his progress. He's a combination of the G1, live-action movie, Animated, and Aligned versions.
    • Overload - The Autobot powerhouse and Optimus' able-bodied and loyal officer. He is usually seen at Optimus Prime's side. He can get rather hung-up on protocol. His desire to be the best battlefield tactician led to an obsessive interest in understanding how Decepticons think. His superiors decided this was unhealthy, so they reassigned him to the transport division. He transforms into a carrier truck. He's a combination of his G1 and Armada counterparts, with a bit of Prime Ultra Magnus.
    • Bumblebee - The youngest recruit, a good-natured and the most energetic of the Autobots. Through the fates of war, he was assigned to Optimus Prime's crew. He looks up to both Optimus and Hot Rod, as a father and big brother figure respectively. He pals around with Bulkhead. He is also responsible for Spike finding out about the Autobots; which resulted in him needing protection. He is assigned to be Spike's partner. Badly damaged in a battle, Bumblebee lost the ability to speak verbally when his voice box was destroyed, though he can still communicate over inter-Autobot frequencies. He can also communicate with Spike's friends and family, by playing audio clips from popular media on his radio. He transforms into a 1984 Volkswagen Beetle. He's a combination of the G1, live-action movie, Animated, and Prime versions and a bit of Armada Hot Shot. His personality is more similar to his Animated version. Like his movie and Prime counterparts, he communicates through beeps and buzzes.
    • Arcee - A headstrong and feisty Autobot, one of the last living female Autobots. She was part of an elite squad of warriors. She was once a teacher until she decided to sign up as an information courier at the start of the War, then a scout class. She is assigned to be the guardian of Spike's girlfriend Carly and while she was initially upset, she soon became close friends with her. Arcee has a rivalry with Slipstream. She transforms into a 2006 Buell Firebolt XB12R motorcycle like her Movie counterpart. She's a combination of the G1, Animated, and Cyberverse versions, with much of her Prime counterpart's personality.
    • Ratchet - The Autobot Chief Medical Officer. He is now a reluctant fighter, and somewhat emotionally detached, preferring to repair his friends than tear his enemies to shreds. He's a combination of his G1, Animated, and Prime counterparts, with some of Armada Red Alert's personality.
    • Bulkhead - A former labor unit and was part of the Wreckers task force. He became the Autobot's resident space bridge technician. He enjoys goofing around with Bumblebee. He's a combination of the Animated and Prime versions.
    • Cliffjumper - A mostly quiet Autobot who keeps to himself. He's a temperamental, untrusting jerk. He really hates Decepticons and any Autobot that might be a traitor. Cliff to his chums. He transforms into a muscle car that crossbreeds the rear of a Plymouth Barracuda with the front of a Dodge Challenger. He resembles his Prime version, with the personality of his G1 counterpart, and he tends to be quiet like in Animated.
    • Wheeljack - The Autobot engineer. He was a scientist working with the Ministry of Science and a member of Science Guild before joining Team Prime. If there's anything he likes more than slicing up Decepticons with his Cybertanium swords or inventing new gadgets to slice Decepticons in different ways, it's hanging with his buddy Bulkhead (who calls him Jackie). He transforms into a Lancia Stratos. He's a combination of his G1, Animated and Prime counterparts; and some resemblance to Energon Downshift.
    • Roadburner* (offline) - An Autobot warrior and Arcee's combat partner, who affectionately calls him Burner. He's considered the fastest in vehicle form in Iacon. Soon after the Autobots revive on Earth, he was killed by Shockwave. Arcee was forever emotionally upset. Originally a "Cybertronian racer", on Earth he transforms into a silver and black-striped Ford GT.
    • Ironhide - An Autobot security guard and veteran. One of the oldest and toughest Autobots, and has been on Optimus Prime's team for a long, long time. He doesn't particularly like the "rodent" Mojo for leaking lubricant on his foot, and the feeling is mutual. He transforms into an off-road pickup truck. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, and the War for Cybertron versions.
    • Bluestreak - He used to be quite a talker, until but a million years of war can change a bot. He was once a merchant until his hometown was destroyed by a Decepticon attack. He then joins the Autobot army. Mostly the quiet one, his old talkative personally is starting to come out during the Autobots' stay on Earth encouraged by their human friends. He's a combination of his G1, Movie, and Prime counterparts.
    • Hound - An Autobot scout who loves the planet Earth. He is Trailbreaker's buddy. He becomes partners with Spike's big brother Butch, a fellow nature-lover. He's a combination of the G1 and Movie PSP versions.
    • Mirage - The Autobot Formula 1 racecar. He's often a loner due to his former affluential lifestyle, but Ironhide helped him adapt and the two become best friends. He once tried to hit on Arcee. He speaks in an Italian accent. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, and Animated versions.
    • Sideswipe - Twin brother of Sunstreaker. He's always happy to show off his prowess in the heat of battle. He was once a promising racer until his reckless behavior cost him his career. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, and War for Cybertron/RiD versions.
    • Sunstreaker - Twin brother of Sideswipe. He expresses a dislike for humans, though the only ones he trusts are the Witwickys, Carly, Chip, Jesse, "O" and a few others. He's just like his G1 counterpart, with a bit of Prime Ratchet and Movie Mirage's misanthropy.
    • Trailbreaker - The jokester of the team. He is Hound's buddy. He's a combination of the G1 and Movie PSP versions, and Cybertron Smokescreen.
    • Brawn - The Autobot Mini Vehicle and demolitions expert. He transforms into a Hummer HX. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, and Movie versions.
    • Gears - The team jerk. He complains, mostly for his own amusement. Even he thinks Zeta Prime is the biggest jerk there is. He transforms into a pick-up truck. He's a combination of the G1 and Movie versions.
    • Huffer - The Autobot Mini Vehicle semi-truck cab and an engineer. He also tends to be pessimistic. He becomes "O"'s partner. He's a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
    • Windcharger - The team speedster, and a Bot of few words.
    • Hauler - Once a member of the Constructicons, until he sided with the Autobots after his colleagues defected to the Decepticons. He took a vow of silence.
    • Teletraan-1 - The supercomputer and automated defense system that runs the Autobots' spaceship/Earth base, the Ark. It was originally built by the High Council beneath Iacon during the Golden Age of Cybertron. Each Autobot is equipped with an onboard computer to speak directly to Teletraan-1. Activates the GroundBridge for the Autobots to bridge to different parts of the globe. It's a combination of Teletraan I, Teletran-1, Teletraan-1, and Beast Wars Sentinel.
      • Aunty - A female-voiced visual AI interface for the Ark's computer systems. It manifests herself with a holographic avatar, taking the form of a floating, glowing female head. It's a combination of the G1 version and Animated Teletran-1.
    • Autobot troops and personnel:
      • Autotroopers - A battalion of army drones that were aboard the Ark during its mission in search of energy. They are used as scouts, in-charge of guarding the Ark, serve as back-up soldiers against Eradicons, and also join alongside their superiors on missions.
      • Diagnostic Drones - Autonomous drones that assist the Autobots in technical tasks. Some assists Ratchet with medical treatments, and even Wheeljack with the Dinobots. One in particular has the most personality and displays a full range of emotions is Ratchet's right-hand man (like the one in Beast Machines), and another wears a nurse cap.
      • Auto-combatants - Drones used to practice fighting.
  • Dinobots - A unit of five Autobots with great physical power, but very limited intelligence. They were originally army drones randomly chosen and rebuilt by Wheeljack and Ratchet, given personalities and the ability to transform into robotic versions of dinosaurs, inspired by dinosaur fossils Ironhide discovered in the volcanic caves near the Ark. Upgraded with a series of memory components, they are significantly more intelligent than an average Autobot drone. They now reside in a secluded island Spike christened "Dinobot Island".
    • Grimlock - The leader (and self-proclaimed "king") of the Dinobots. He transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, Aligned, and Movie versions.
    • Slag - The bad boy of the team. He transforms into a Triceratops. He's a combination of the G1 version, Animated Snarl, and Aligned and Movie Slug.
    • Sludge - The even-dumber one of the team. He transforms into a Apatosaurus. He's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions, and Slog.
    • Snarl - The quiet, unsociable loner. A former Brute drone. He transforms into a Stegosaurus. He's a combination of the G1, Aligned, and Movie versions.
    • Swoop - The friendliest of the team. A former Aerialbot drone. He transforms into a Pteradon. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, and Aligned versions.
    • Slam* - The only female Dinobot. While not so sharp-minded herself, she only slightly smarter than the other Dinobots. She transformers into an Ankylosaurus.
  • "Reinforcements" - Five Autobots who volunteered to have their memory engrams transferred to crystalline containment vessels before the Ark launched, to serve as additional soldiers for the Autobot crew as needed. Long after Team Prime awakened on present day Earth, Optimus ordered Wheeljack to transfer their minds into newly constructed bodies.
    • Grapple - An Autobot architect, but all-in-all he sees himself as an artist. Based on his G1 counterpart, with some resemblance to Armada Smokescreen/Hoist.
    • Skids - An Autobot pickup truck. The twin brother of Mudflap. He's a combination of his G1 and ROTF counterparts.
    • Smokescreen - The chief diversionary tactician and a member of the Cybertronian defense force. He's always ready with a quip or glib comment for his pals. He keeps the mood on his team light even in the darkest of situations. He transforms into a McLaren MP4-12C. He's a combination of his G1, Cybertron, live-action movie, and Prime counterparts.
    • Hoist - An Autobot medic. He transforms into a Ford F-350 tow truck.
    • Tracks - A snobbish, gossipy, high-class Autobot. He's a combination of his G1 and Animated counterparts.
  • Cybertron Seven - A small rebel faction stationed on Polyhex. An incident at the Decepticon space bridge brought them to Earth, joining Team Prime.
    • Perceptor - Commander of the faction. He's head of the Ministry of Science, and thus one of the finest minds on Cybertron. He's a colleague of Wheeljack. He's a thinker not a fighter, but he does carry a laser blaster for protection use. He transforms into a microscope/mini-laboratory and a "scientific expedition" off-road SUV with a large missile/laser cannon/microscope/telescope. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, and Aligned versions.
    • Blaster - A communications expert and a keen musician. He has a massive collection of rock-and-roll music that he's gathered from numerous worlds. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, and Aligned versions.
    • Beachcomber - He never wanted to go to war. He was perfectly happy trekking through the wilderness on remote planets. Unfortunately, like most other Cybertronians, he's found himself drawn into the conflict. He's a combination of the G1, Energon, Movie, and Animated versions.
    • Borebit (offline)
    • Corkscrew (offline)
    • Cosmos - He's a young, but giftedly brilliant and respected astronomer. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, and Animated versions.
    • Powerglide - One of the best fighter pilots among the Autobots and an expert on aerial acrobatics, though he had a bad habit of showing off rather than fighting properly. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, and Animated versions.
    • Seaspray - Bulkhead calls him "ol' Barnacle Butt". He's a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
    • Warpath - A rebellious tank commander. He was once a member of the Cybertronian Elite Guard until he was "discharged" for not following orders. Son of Lugnut and Strika. He's a combination of the G1Movie, Animated, and Aligned versions.
    • Scrounge (offline) - An Autobot spy with a special arm designed for surveillance. He's a friend and partner of Blaster. He transforms into a wheel. He's a combination of the G1, Shattered Glass, and Animated versions.
  • Mudflap - An Autobot ice cream truck. The twin brother of Skids.
  • Red Alert - The paranoid Autobot security chief "Fire Chief" Lamborghini. He's the G1 version, .
  • Inferno - The Autobot fire truck. He's the G1 and Energon versions, with a bit of Armada Red Alert.
  • Jetfire - Starscream's ex-friend and fellow scientist. He briefly joined the Decepticons until he sees their evil ways and joined the Autobots. He originally transformed into a Cybertronian jet, now he transforms into a . He's a combination of the G1 and WFC versions, and some resemblance to the Unicron Trilogy version.
  • Female Autobots:
    • Elita-1 - Originally named Ariel, she's a powerful warrior, but a shrewd soldier, and yet, an exceptional shooter. She was once part of Optimus Prime's Science Division. She's also a female counterpart to Optimus. The two have feelings for each other, which they are aware of, but their relationship never became serious due to their dedication to defend Earth and Cybertron from the Decepticons. She transforms into a sports coupe, now a Honda S2000. Her appearance is a combination of her G1 and IDW movie comics counterparts. Her appearance and personality as Ariel is similar to the pre-Blackarachnia Animated version, only pink like her G1 counterpart.
    • Chromia - Arcee's big sister and Ironhide's girlfriend. Alt-mode was a Cybertronian motorcycle. She's a combination of the G1, Movie, Animated, and Prime versions.
    • Firestar - Inferno's 1st girlfriend. Alt-mode was a Cybertronian truck. She's a combination of the G1 and Prime versions.
    • Moonracer - Powerglide's girlfriend. Alt-mode was a Cybertronian car. She's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions.
    • Greenlight
    • Lancer
    • Flareup - A demolition expert with a southern accent. She's Chromia and Arcee's little sister. Alt-mode was a Cybertronian motorcycle. She's a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
    • Safety - The Autobot female surgeon and head of the Autobot Medical Corps. She transforms into an "emergency" rescue SUV. She helped with the Seeker drones defection to the Autobot side as Aerialbot drones. Based on Animated Red Alert and shares similar traits to Firster Aid.
  • Omega Supreme - The biggest Autobot in Cybertron's history, and the last Guardian robot. Has a gatling cannon on his left arm and a bazooka concealed inside the three-fingered claw on his right arm. Usually called in as the Autobots' last line of defense. Omega nearly lost his spark in the Great War millennia ago and has been in a modified stasis until sometime. He's a combination of the G1, Animated and Aligned versions. His alternate mode is similar to his Animated counterpart.
    • Skylynx - Omega's partner, who takes on the form of a space shuttle. A former Predacon and Lieutenant Commander of the Autobot Third Air Strike Division . He's a combination of the G1 and Prime versions.
  • Sentinel Prime - The Supreme Commander of the Autobots and preceding leader to Optimus Prime. He is a member of the Dynasty of Primes. He was Optimus's mentor, who taught him every thing he knew. He transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 airport fire truck. He's a combination of the G1 and live-action movie versions and shares some similar traits to the Animated Ultra Magnus.
  • Zeta Prime - A member of the Cybertron Elite Guard under the command of Sentinel Prime. Zeta has a history of rivalry with Optimus Prime, who attended the Autobot Academy with him. He was dismissed in favor of Optimus Prime to receive the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. He hated Optimus for it. He also has a bit of a superiority complex toward non-guardsmen Autobots, not to mention that he's intensely organic-phobic. He was mentor of a promising cadet named Mercura, until she went offline and blames Arcee for it. Originally a Cybertronic car, Zeta transforms into a monster-truck snowplow. He shares some similar traits to the Animated Sentinel Prime and Sentinel Major, and the RID and Cybertron Ultra Magnus; and the same color schemes of both Animated Sentinel and Zeta Prime from War for Cybertron.
  • Ultra Magnus - The Autobot car-carrier truck and City Commander. He's the younger brother of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Originally named Magnum, he was rebuilt by Alpha Trion and renamed Ultra Magnus, simultaneously achieved a rank of "Magnus" (which he doesn't even want). He's a soldier at heart, he prefers taking orders rather than giving them. When Optimus and Megatron left for Earth, he reluctantly took the role of leadership. He's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions, and Magnum.
  • Drift - A lone warrior who was originally a Decepticon known as Deadlock, one of the deadliest around until he saw for himself the death and destruction they caused. Turning his back on the Decepticon cause, he took on the name Drift and trained under Dai Atlas of the Cyber-Ninja Corps. He is a strong warrior in battle and wields two swords. He, like his buddy Bulkhead, enjoys a good game of Lobbing. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, Movie and Robots in Disguise versions, with certain traits of Prime Wheeljack (including the samurai speech pattern from the Japanese dub) and some resemblance to Armada Wheeljack.
  • Alpha Trion (aka the Old One) - Once named A3 in his youth, he is one of the oldest living Transformers. He is the godfather of Optimus, Elita-1, and Ultra Magnus. He's a sort of "Vice-Magnus" and a historian who preserves the Vector Sigma, which led to people calling him Sig-Omega. He is the one who convinced the High Council to appoint Orion Pax to be the next Prime. He's also one of the original 13 Transformers and the guardian of the legendary AllSpark, until it was sent into deep space during the Great War. He's a combination of the G1, Unicron Trilogy, Animated, and Aligned versions.
  • T-AI - Short for Tactical Artificial Intelligence, T-AI is the "daughter" of Teletraan-1. It manifests herself with a holographic avatar, taking the form of well-known Japanese policewoman Ai Kuruma.
  • Hot Shot - A rival of Hot Rod. He transformers into a blue Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray with flames. Based on his Prime counterpart, with personality similar to Vince.
  • Skyfire and Skyblast - Twin brothers that were part of a risky Autobot Elite Guard experiment in duplicating the flight and combat abilities of the Decepticons. Skyfire has the ability to create massive bursts of flame and Skyblast is capable of attacking with incredible bursts of wind. The twins also have the ability to combine into a superjet and the powerful robot Safeguard. They're based on the Animated versions of Jetfire and Jetstorm.
  • Windblade - A female Camien Autobot and a Cityspeaker. She's a combination of the G1, Aligned/RiD, and Cyberverse versions.
  • Team Maximal/Axalon Crew: A group of Autobots, built with a combination of organic tissue and standard Cybertronian robotics, assigned to the exploration ship, the Axalon.
    • Primal Major - The son of Optimus Prime and Elita-1, and commander of the Axalon. Beast mode is a silverback gorilla.
    • Cheetor (originally Spotter) - A top-notch scout and a speedster full of youthful overconfidence. Alt-mode is a futuristic race car; beast mode is a cheetah. He's a combination of his Beast Wars and Animated versions.
    • Rhinox (originally Knox) - The ship's engineer and medic. Beast mode is a rhinoceros.
    • Rattrap (originally Rattletrap) - A top-notch soldier used for reconnaissance, though he prefers to be anywhere except in a battle against the Decepticons. He's the nephew of Arcee. He dislikes and distrusts Dinobot. Alt-mode is a Cybertronian bike; beast mode is a rat. He's a combination of the BW Rattrap and Animated Rattletrap.
    • Dinobot (originally Dynobot) - A Decepticon/Predacon warrior ruled by his sense of honor. He sided with the Autobots, initially to be leader of the Axalon crew. Beast mode is a velociraptor.
    • Airazor - The ship's pilot and the only femme of the crew. Beast mode is a falcon.
    • Razorbeast - A stubborn infantry soldier who would never disobey his leader due to his respect. Beast mode is a warthog.


  • The Nemesis Crew:
    • Megatron - Former gladiator and ex-Lord High Protector, now commander and leader of the Decepticons. Optimus' twin brother of the Prime dynasty. His favorite insult for Optimus is "librarian". He transforms into a Cybertronic space jet. His appearance resembles that of his G1, Animated, and Fall of Cybertron counterparts. He's as evil as the live-action movie and Aligned/Prime versions. He's also a "boogieman" to Autobot and Cybertronian protoforms.
    • Shockwave - A brilliant Decepticon scientist and Megatron's second-in-command. Shockwave is possibly even more powerful than Megatron, to whom he's extremely loyal. He lost his left hand (thanks to Roadburner) and replaced it with a laser cannon. He's backed up by an army of completely silent soldiers. Shockwave is usually silent, preferring to observe and record everything going on around him and use parts of other 'bots and 'cons sentences he hears as his own. He transforms into a large Cybertronian ray gun. He's a combination of the G1, TransTech, Animated, live-action movie, and the Aligned/Prime versions. He also has the same position as the Prime Soundwave.
    • Soundwave - The Decepticon Communications Officer. He's a Triple Changer, he transforms into a boombox, a Scion xB, and a satellite; on Cybertron he transformed into a lamp post and a Cybertronian armored car. He's a combination of the G1, Animated, live-action movie, and Aligned versions. He resembles his G1 and War for Cybertron counterparts.
    • Seekers - A crack unit of Decepticons under Starscream.
      • Starscream - A Cybertronian civilian scientist turned Decepticon warrior, now Air Commander. Son of former Air Commander Ulchtar. He's a combination of the G1, Movie, Animated, and Prime/Aligned versions. His appearance is that of G1, and was once like his Armada counterpart.
      • Thundercracker - A Decepticon fighter jet. He suffers from low self-esteem and longs for approval from authority figures to validate his existence. He's a combination of his G1, Armada, Movie, Animated, and Aligned counterparts.
      • Skywarp - A Decepticon fighter jet and cousin to Starscream. He named himself "Bull's eye in the sky". He's a combination of the G1, Armada, Animated, Movie, and Aligned versions.
      • Slipstream - A female Decepticon Seeker and Starscream's twin sister. Daughter of former Air Commander Ulchtar. She's smart, sexy, and dangerous. She doesn't like Starscream very much, insults him any chance she get. Of the several rebellious Decepticons under Megatron's command, she's one of the very few who can, on occasion, outguile him. Unlike her "dear brother", she knows better than to cross Megatron. She gained an undying hatred of the human girl Mikaela Banes. A combination of the Animated, Aligned, and G1 versions, with similar traits of the Beast Wars Blackarachnia.
    • Lugnut - The fanatically loyal servant of glorious Megatron. He transforms into a retro-futuristic jet bomber. He's a combination of the Animated and G1 versions.
    • Reflector - Megatron's intelligence officer and an espionage expert that's composed of three evil Decepticons who merge into a camera. The three have the ability to generate hard-light holograms of themselves to fill out the Decepticon ranks. He's (they're?) a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
      • Viewfinder - The sinister spymaster who leads the trio.
      • Spectro - Not much of an independent thinker.
      • Spyglass - A very eager-beaver go-getter when it comes to espionage and surveillance.
    • Knockout - The Decepticon muscle car and medic. He expresses a desire to become Starscream's second-in-command in the event of Megatron's demise.
    • Barricade - The Decepticon police car and a speed demon. Originally known as "Runner". He particularly likes taunting opponents until they start chasing him, and then leading them through hazardous areas that they don't have a chance of surviving, while he will escape without a scratch. He's a combination of the live-action movie and Aligned versions.
    • Grindor - Formerly a battle-hardened gladiator who joined Megatron's Decepticons in the war against the Autobots. Grindor will challenge Starscream's leadership at any opportunity, not for his own sake, but to better serve his master. He and Knockout are best friends in their long partnership. He transforms into a MH-53 Pave Low heavy-lift helicopter. He's a combination of his Movie counterpart, Blackout (Movie, Animated, and Aligned), and a bit of Prime Breakdown.
      • Scorponok - A small Transformer with a symbiotic connection to Grindor.
    • Igor - A tiny, twisted, cheerful and probably at least a little miswired little wretch of a Decepticon. He wants nothing more from life than to gobble up whatever scraps his leader leaves behind, literally as well as figuratively.
    • ADA* - An evil, cold, female-voiced supercomputer that controls the systems of the Nemesis. Each Decepticon is equipped with an onboard computer to speak directly to ADA. It acts considerably affectionate toward Megatron, calling him cute nicknames and planning his meals. Inspired by the Japanese-dubbed Predacon computer. (The name comes from Transformers Robots in Disguise: Heroes by marik7410.)
    • Decepticon troops and personnel:
      • Eradicons - Decepticon drones that serve as foot soldiers. The most commonly-encountered, and seemingly numerous, branch of the Decepticons. They are divided into two classes: servants and warriors. Based on the Prime and G1 Vehicons.
      • Medics - They assist Knockout and provide repair services to those injured in battle.
  • Astrotrain - The Decepticons' answer to Omega Supreme, Astrotrain is a Triple Changer who also serves as the Decepticons' ship. He's a combination of the G1, the Unicron Trilogy, and the DOTM comic versions, with a bit of Prime Trypticon into the mix.
  • Blitzwing - A Triple Changer and psycho. He not only has three modes (robot, tank, and jet), but he also has three alternate personalities (an "Icy" cold strategist, a short-tempered "Hothead", and a total "Random" nutcase) along with the faces rattling around in his head to go with them. He's also one of the most feared and deadly killers on Cybertron. He's a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
  • Octane - A Triple Changer who is considered vile, even by Decepticon standards.
  • Conehead, or "Squid-Head", Seekers:
    • Ramjet - The Decepticon modified F-22 jet and defacto leader. One of Megatron's higher-ranking soldiers (and a total wack job). He has the hots for Slipstream (which Starscream doesn't like one bit).
    • Thrust- The Decepticon jet.
    • Dirge - The Decepticon modified F-15 jet.
  • Insecticons - A group of insectoid troublemakers that Megatron trusts as far as he can throw Devestator. They have the ability to make clones of themselves.
    • Shrapnel - The leader of the Insecticons. He's a combination of the G1 version and Sharpshot.
    • Bombshell - A master of mind-controlling "cerebro-shells", he enjoys playing with the minds of others. He's a combination of the G1 version and Hardshell.
    • Kickback - A manipulative blackmailer that loves digging up dirt on his new "pals" to force them to work for him. He's a combination of G1 and Aligned versions.
    • Insecticon clones
  • Strika - Megatron's personally chosen "General of Destruction", and the consort of Lugnut. Even before the Great War, she was one of the greatest generals in Cybertron's history. After their first fight, Strika holds a grudge against Arcee and becomes obsessed with "breaking" her. Almost as fanatical as Lugnut, although she does (briefly) question Megatron when he denies her a rumble with Arcee at any point. She's a combination of her G1/Beast Machines and Animated counterparts. Her appearance is that of the Animated version.
  • Thunderwing - A fearless, ruthless, and immensely powerful flyer. He was the loyal bodyguard of Megadeath, whom he would do his bidding, even if said master was mentally disturbed. He's the first Decepticon born with a natural affinity with the Matrix of Leadership. He believes the Matrix is calling to him, and will use all resources possible to possess it, a burning ambition his master encouraged. He is highly skilled with his twin swords. Alt-mode is a Cybertronian spacejet. He's a combination of his G1 and Prime counterparts.
  • Megatronus Prime - Known only as "The Fallen", he's the unseen absolute ruler of the Decepticon Empire and the true Emperor of Destruction. Once one of the original Thirteen Transformers until he was corrupted by the god-like Unicron and betrayed them all, killing his sister and four of his brothers.
  • Darksyde Crew: A group of rogue Predacons.
    • Gigatron - The leader of the rogue Predacons. He soon calls himself Megatron to gain respect. He's willing to risk anything in his goal for Predacon supremacy. Beast mode is a tyrannosaurus rex, then a dragon.
    • Tarantulas - A scheming, psychotic scientist. He's believed to be a member of a cult called Unicron's Spawn. Beast mode is a tarantula.
    • Terrorsaur - A power-hungry, cunning and opportunistic stealth fighter. Beast mode is a pteranodon.
    • Waspinator - A Predacon who was originally an Autobot named Wasp. He attended the same boot camp with Bumblebee. He's a follower of Blackarachnia (thought she may be controlling him...). His life as a Predacon is even harder than when he was an Autobot, as bad stuff always happens to him. He's a combination of his Beast Wars and Animated counterparts, and the Insecticon from the Prime episode "Crossfire".
    • Blackarachnia - A technorganic Decepticon/Predacon torture expert, assassin, and alien collector. She left Cybertron during the war and went solo. She has quite a history with Arcee. She was once an Autobot, Arcee's very first partner Mercura* and Zeta Major's ward (she had potential to be in the Cybertron Elite Guard). Arcee was forced to abandon her on a planet of giant spiders when she was believed to be dead. Blaming Arcee for her new mutation, she wants nothing more but to make her suffer. She desires to add Carly's head to her trophy collection, which is a perfect way to hurt Arcee before she snuffs out her spark. She's a combination of the Animated version and Airachnid; she shares the color scheme of her Beast Wars counterpart.
    • Inferno II - The fanatically loyal soldier to Gigatron, whom he refers to as "the Royalty". Beast mode (as well his mindset) is a fire ant.
    • Rampage - A serial killer and cannibal. Beast mode is a king crab.

Humans (and pets)

  • The Witwicky family:
    • William Irving "Sparkplug" Witwicky - The father and head of the household. A construction worker/mechanic extraordinaire, owner of Witwicky Auto Repairs. He has a strong dislike against the snooty elites of Central City, Oregon. Formerly a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines. He has an old family saying, "No sacrifice, no victory". He was entirely unaware of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict on Earth, until the day the Decepticons abducts him and forced him to make fuel for them by converting gasoline. He's more understanding with his son's friendship with the Autobots. He develops a friendship himself with Ratchet and Wheeljack. His real name is Stanislas Piotr Witwicky, a name he finds embarrassing. He's a combination of the G1 and Animated versions.
    • Judith "Judy" Witwicky (née Taylor) - The mother, Sparkplug's wife, and head of the neighborhood watch. She was entirely unaware of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict on Earth, until the day her husband was taken by the Decepticons. Though initially worried for her son's safety, she accepts Spike's friendship with the Autobots. She's a combination the live-action movie version and Mrs. Witwicky from IDW Comics, with her personality basically that of June Darby.
    • Bertram Vance "Butch" Witwicky - The firstborn son of Sparkplug and Judy, and the older brother of Spike and Buster. He's often arrogant and obnoxious. Butch kept bullies like Trent DeMarco off Spike's back until he graduated. Sparkplug often took him on long camping trips in the woods, and this outdoors lifestyle caused Butch to develop a love for the forests and dislike for relying on machines. He is away at college for the first few years (engaging in drinking orgies). From a young age, he wanted to be a soldier just like his dad. He decided to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the military. He tends to act like he's in an action movie. He's a partner to Hound. He shares the same traits as Spike Witwicky from IDW Comics and the Dark of the Moon figure, and Kade Burns.
    • Samuel James "Spike" Witwicky - The second-born son of Sparkplug and Judy. He is frequently bullied in school. He often helps out his dad in construction or auto repair at his service shop. He believes he is a ladies' man like his big brother Butch, but fails at attracting any popular girls. He is the Autobot's first human ally after finding Bumblebee stuck in car mode. He's somehow capable of understanding Bumblebee. Though he keeps it a secret for a long time, his family learns of the existence of the Autobots and Decepticons. He was happy of their understanding. His username is hotstud217. He's a combination of Spike and Sam Witwicky, with a bit of Jack Darby in the mix.
    • Brian "Buster" Witwicky - The third-born son of Sparkplug and Judy, and Butch and Spike's little brother. He wears a pink shirt. Unlike his dad and brothers, he doesn't understand cars or anything mechanical. He's mostly interested in books. His favorite band is Purple Fungus. He's also a big fan of the superhero comic, Galactic Guardians. The only one in the family with blond hair and blue eyes. He eventually learns of the existence of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict and his brother Spike's friendship with the Autobots (which he describes as "awesome"). At one point, he became a superhero dubbed "Matrix", after the Creation Matrix program was accidentally transferred from Prime until Buster pass it back to him. He shares similar traits to Cody Burns. (First name comes from Transformers Genesis by SubZeroGreymon)
    • Mojo - The Witwicky family dog. Though he's considered to be Judy's dog. He likes to chew on Spike's car keys. Before the Witwicky became aware of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, he'd constantly bark at the sight of any Transformer. Of all the Autobots, he doesn't particularly like Ironhide very much, and the feeling is mutual.
    • Frankie - A female bulldog. The Witwicky bought her as a playmate for Mojo.
  • Clifford "Cliff" Dietz - Spike's first best friend, and a klutz. He's the son of two brilliant scientists. He hates wearing his glasses (he inherited his parents' bad eyesight), and often tries to go without them, leading him to bumping into objects or people. He's actually a genius like his parents, but prefers to keep it a secret to avoid being labeled a "nerd", "geek", "brainiac", etc. But eventually the truth came out, and found it wasn't so bad that everyone knew. He also starts to embrace his brainy self.
  • Miles Lancaster - Spike's second best friend who's quite unusual in his own special way. He's a skater and is easygoing. He has been described by Spike as "totally out of it". He sometimes wears shorts and sandals. He becomes partners with Beachcomber. Personality similar to Jude (6teen), Jimmy Z (Wild Kratts), and Spud (American Dragon: Jake Long).
    • Mason - Miles' pet Mastiff.
  • Charles William "Chip" Chase - A paraplegic boy genius confined in a wheelchair. He became Spike's best friend after he defended him from bullies. He soon becomes aware of the Autobots and Decepticons through him. He helps the Autobots (including Ratchet and Wheeljack) learn more about Earth, its science and medicine. He develops a crush on a girl named Elise Presser, but is too shy to admit it. They're both on the same scholar roll. He shares similar traits to Rafael Esquivel and Graham Burns. (First name comes from Haunted by muddyjoe)
  • Carly Brooks-Spencer - A British-American blonde who's Spike's love interest. She was a new student who moved from the Northeastern United States. She has an interest in cars, and has a gift for chemistry and electronics. She desires to go to MIT. She and her family are quite wealthy and respectable. Upon her first day Spike developed a crush on her, but never had the guts to talk to her until she noticed him with his cool-looking Volkswagen Beetle. Confused by the fact that she never saw Spike outside school, she herself becomes involved in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. She shares a sisterly relationship with Arcee. She's a combination of the G1 and Movie Carly, with some bits of Mikaela Banes and Sierra in the mix.
    • Bonecrusher - Carly's pet Mastiff, often called simply "Boney". He is feral, and only listens to Carly. He always growls at Spike.
  • Elizabeth "Elise" Presser - A very intelligent girl and a classmate of Spike, Chip, and Carly. She and Chip are on the same scholar roll. She develops a crush on Chip, but is too shy to admit it. She becomes friends with Carly after she stands up to some mean girls who were picking on her. She looks up to Dr. Lucy Suzuki.
  • Anthony "O" O'Ryan - A chubby boy of Asian descent and Buster's best friend. He tends to worry a lot, and would rather occupy his time with eating assorted snack foods and mentioning that he was still hungry. He becomes Huffer's partner. He has Armada Fred's appetite. (Full name comes from OmegaPrimal's fanfic)
  • Jessica "Jessie" St. Claire - A tomboyish, yet feminine green-eyed, freckled redhead girl and best friend/classmate, who has a crush on Buster and always kisses him, which Buster hates. Though she hugs him, which Buster loves. She's also known by the nickname "Worm". Despite her tomboyishness, she loves ballet. Personality (as a preteen) similar to Sari Sumdac, Miko Nakadai, and Hank. (Last name comes from Cobra Regenerated by Sithicus)
  • Edward "Eddie" Fairchild & Matthew "Matt" Conroy - Two boys who serve as the comic relief of the series. They are usually seen together. Eddie is a short round kid who is very excitable and Matt is taller and thinner, and is rather slow to react. They are step-brothers: Matt's dad married Eddie's mom. Their parents are engineers at Blackrock Industries. Though Matt is taller, Eddie is the oldest. They eventually become partners to Skids and Mudflap. Based on Fred and Billy from Armada anime, and Sid and Seth from Armada comics; personalities similar to Snips and Snails, respectively.
  • Hunter O'Nion - A truth-seeking conspiracy nut Butch befriended. He runs a website called, where he tells the world about the existence of giant alien robots. He eventually gets thrust into the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, and becomes best friends with Sunstreaker.
  • Mikaela Banes - A troublemaker, and she hangs out with Carly a lot. She has a very intense rivalry with Spike. Her dad was a long-time car thief. She develops a crush on the street punk Raoul. She also quickly developed a deep and abiding hatred of the female Decepticon "floozy" Slipstream. She has some bits of Lori Jiménez, Verity Carlo, and Sierra's friend in the mix.
  • Martin Smith and Roland Brice - The two bullies at Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School who love to cause trouble, such as lighting fireworks in school, vandalizing property, and committing robberies. These scoundrels are always getting themselves into mischief and detentions. (Last names come from Jetplague's fanfics.)
  • Mitchell Roland - The Witwicky's cranky next-door neighbor.
  • Doris Roland - Mitchell's gossipy and nosey wife. Before the Transformers were revealed to the public, she was always a step away from figuring out the Witwicky family's secret and outing them to the community.
  • Amanda "Toots" Grace* - A single woman and a neighbor who lives across the street from the Witwicky family. She's a pretty glamorous and sexy woman, and a shameless man-chaser. She's very talkative, known to gossip and spread false rumors. She once dated Sparkplug during high school, before they broke up and Sparkplug fell in love with Judy. She tends to show up unnannounced and constantly flirts with Sparkplug. She and Judy have a sort of friendly-rivalry with each other (akin to Betty and Veronica), and they both can be quite competitive. She has a habit of calling everyone pet names (like "honey", "sugar", "sweetie", "baby", etc.). She's a former beauty queen.
  • The Acton family:
  • Kelly Shiragami - An unlucky Japanese-American woman who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also serves as comic relief. She used to be a "Race Queen" supermodel.
  • Trent DeMarco - A star quarterback at Benjamin Franklin Pierce High, who frequently bullies and harasses Spike Witwicky. He is noticeably bigger than the other students due to being held back twice. He has his eye on Carly, much to the annoyance of Spike. He once disparaged Spike's car as a "piece of junk". He is very jealous of Spike's friendship with the Autobots.
  • Kevin Wu* - Trent's best friend and sidekick as the school bully. He is on the Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School football team.
  • Thomas "the Bull" Lester* - A big burly friend of Trent, and also on the high school football team. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Even though he joins Trent and Kevin in bullying, he's shown to be a bit nicer than the two. He's really a very sensitive and loyal person.
  • Courtney* - The head of the cheerleading squad of Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School. She's Carly's rival in almost every aspect, Courtney has a dismissive and superior attitude toward Carly, Spike, and their friends. She's also a blue-eyed blonde like Carly. She always misspells Carly's name as "Carlee". One time, she loudly and embarassingly turn down Spike for a date. Personality similar to Gemini "Gem" Stone (Sabrina: The Animated Series) and Bonnie Rockwaller (Kim Possible).
  • Carmine Fanzone - Captain of the Central City Police Department. He hates machines.
  • Lt. Harry Mendez - An overzealous cop who takes a dislike on Spike.
  • Garrison Bennett Blackrock - The wealthiest and most influential citizen of Central City. He's the owner and CEO of Blackrock Industries, founded by his father Ronald John Blackrock, a megacorporation that reverse-engineers and adapts Transformer technology for the personal market. He's the Tony Stark of my Transformers universe (minus the superhero identity).
    • Mr. Ames - G.B. Blackrock's Chief of Staff.
    • Sovereign -  G.B. Blackrock's computing system that takes care of everything to do with the house or Onyx Tower - downtown Central City headquarters of Blackrock Industries.
  • Alan Todd - The Mayor of Central City. He's an old friend of Sparkplug. He easily mixes up his speeches. He's a combination of the mayor from the G1 cartoon and Mayor Todd.
    • Ms. Adrias - The Mayor's aide and press secretary. She often handles things the mayor couldn't.
    • Jacqueline "Jackie" Todd* - The mayor's plump wife.
  • Charlene Welles - A female TV field correspondent who works for TV station K-IDW. She's sometimes present on news events around the world. In addition to being a fairly hot blonde, she seems to have a knack for being on the scene of giant robot-induced calamities. She has flappable chin-length hair, and is also known for her beauty mark. She befriends the Dinobot Sludge. She has a bit of Joy Meadows, Dorie Dutton, and Lindy Simmons added to the mix.
    • Wally* - Charlene's cameraman. A thin young man who's a bit of a coward. He wears a red baseball cap backwards. Similar to Roger from Armada and Dorie's cameraman.
    • Dave* - Charlene's soundman, and also the broadcast van driver. A slightly bulkier man with glasses, dark hair and a goatie. Similar to the other guy who works with Dorie Dutton.
  • Hector Ramírez - Central City's most fearless news journalist and Charlene's rival news reporter. He reports on the action of the Transformers, and sometimes on G.I. Joe.
  • Ron - A street bum that resides in downtown Central City.
  • John Keller - The Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, who view the Autobots as great and powerful allies. He not only seems to pretty much run the country while the President is very busy, but he's rather handy with a shotgun. He's a combination of himself and Dawson.
  • Raoul - A street punk from New York. Initially a car thief until an encounter with Tracks, and decides to turn his life around. He soon develops a crush on fellow ex-car thief Mikaela Banes.
  • Isaac Sumdac - A robotic genius and founder/CEO of Sumdac Systems. An ally of the Autobots, who are helped by his technology and tools. He and G.B. Blackrock decided to merge their companies, referred to as Sumdac-Blackrock Enterprises (or SB Enterprises).
  • Sari Sumdac - The daughter of Isaac Sumdac. She is friends with Bumblebee as well as Bulkhead. She was rebuilt as a technorganic cyborg thanks to Ratchet and Wheeljack following an incident with the Decepticons.
  • N.E.S.T. (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty): Special army branch allied with the Autobots who sometimes help them on certain assignments. Following the revelation of the Autobots and Decepticons, NEST was set up to create a combined Human/Autobot counter-terrorist defense force against Decepticons (and occasionally M.E.C.H.). Under the classified Alien/Autobot Cooperation Act, the Autobots share intelligence and personnel with the US, but not their advanced weaponry. N.E.S.T. is given marching orders from the Pentagon, specifically General Morshower. Despite its American origins, it expanded early on to include armed forces from other nations such as the United Kingdom and is allowed access to foreign territory.
    • General Kip Morshower - US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the leader of NEST. Fowler and Faireborn's superior officer. (First name comes from Speed Demons by TimeAndLife21.)
    • Lt. Colonel Marissa Faireborn - A captain of N.E.S.T., she serves as commander of her squadron and takes orders directly from Morshower. Overtime, she gained a fondness for the Autobots, notably Optimus and Jazz. The daughter of Flint and Lady Jaye of G.I. Joe, and granddaughter of Nathaniel Faireborn.
    • Special Agent William "Bill" Fowler: A former Army Ranger who serves as a liaison between the Autobots and the US government, takes orders directly from Morshower. He usually only calls or appears at the Autobot base when the Transformers do something that threatens national security, but over the course of their time together, he steadily comes to value them as trusted comrades.
    • Maj. William "Wild Bill" Lennox - Field commander of NEST, and a former sergeant of the U.S. Army.
    • Robert Epps - Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, under the command of Major Lennox.
    • Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Suzuki - A bubbly professor is not exactly held in high standing amongst her scientific colleagues due to her ideas about aliens and the Hollow Earth theory, but that doesn't bother her. She quickly and easily befriends Spike, Carly, Buster, Chip, and Elise due to their own open-mindedness about her theories, and eventually befriends the Autobots through them. Professor Suzuki is unaware that Agent Simmons has a crush on her. Eventually it is revealed that she was an assistant to Dr. Arkeville years long before she joined N.E.S.T. when she discovered his true motives.
  • Sector Seven - A secret American government agency, which deals with extraterrestrial technology and threats. It has been around for quite some time, but how long exactly depends on who you ask.
    • Seymour Reginald "Reggie" Simmons - Chief agent of Sector Seven, he seems paranoid, arrogant, and a bit of a conspiracy nut at times, but it is revealed that he has an addiction to life outside of Earth. He's also a professional writer. He sometimes tries to flirt with Lucy Suzuki. He has cool shades. He has some traits of Mike Franklin from Transformers Cybertron.
  • Theodore Galloway - The National Security Advisor to the President. A politically territorial bureaucrat, he is opposed to the presence of the Autobots, believing that they are the ones who brought the Decepticons to Earth. Galloway believes that humanity is advanced enough to defeat the Decepticons alone, without the Autobots' interference.
  • Kiss Players: A Japanese pop/rock band.
    • Mima Yukimoto* - The lead singer of the band. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • Shaoshao Li - The back-up singer. Of the three girls, Li reveals herself to be the fiercest, as well as the rebel of the band, and does not like to speak much about herself. She's a lesbian with a crush on Mima.
    • Atari Hitotonari - The other back-up singer. Of the three girls, she is considered the calm, wisest one.
  • Neo-Knights / Techno-X: A team of superheroes financed by G.B. Blackrock.
    • Dynamo (Hector Dialonzo) - The leader of the team. A Mexican immigrant with the ability to channel the energies of the Earth: something he views as a curse.
    • Circuit Breaker (Josephine "Josie" Beller) - see Villains
    • Thunderpunch (Lee Gruber) - A sexist loudmouth jerk who can energize his enormous hands and feet.
      • Symbiosis - A huge semi-sentient gun that's binary-bonded to Thunderpunch.
    • Rapture (Katrina Vesotsky) - A member who possesses a "genetic quirk", wherein she can mentally force people (and Transformers) into a dream-like trance, leaving them vulnerable while they play out fantasy scenarios in their minds.
    • Phase - A humanoid supercomputer and newest member.
  • Dutch - Personal assistant to Seymour Simmons, German-accented Dutch is a former National Security Agency "cybersleuth". His skills and physical prowess hint at an unusual and mysterious past.
  • Matrix - A mysterious superhero and the former "hero identity" of Buster Witwicky. He stole Buster's costume, and added a battery pack powered by an AllSpark shard. His identity is unknown, but all is known is he lost his parents from a Decepticon attack.


  • Jacob "Jake" Lomax a.k.a. Boss Lomax - A powerful mob boss who virtually controls Central City's criminal underworld. The head of one of the city's top protection racket gangs.
    • Marko and Whitey - Lomax's hitmen/bodyguards.
    • Theresa* - Lomax's mistress.
  • Dr. Henri Zebediah Arkeville - A mad scientist who helped the Decepticons in some of their schemes. He was once a renowned scientist and a government official, and Lucy Suzuki used to work for him. His career as a scientist was destroyed when he was fired for questionable experimentations and the science committee stripped him of nearly all his credentials, and somehow found himself reduced to teaching science at Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School. He swore to avenge himself against the world by becoming its ruler, which led him to the Decepticons.
  • Josephine "Josie" Beller - A girl gifted with technological knowledge, who attends Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School. She also works as an intern at Blackrock Industries. Josie's life takes a turn for the worse when a Decepticon attack left her paralyzed. She invents a wearable device to enable her to walk again. Calling herself Circuit Breaker, she vowed revenge against all Cybertronians (Autobots, Decepticons and neutrals) for ruining her life.
  • Porter C. Powell - The Chairman of the Board of Sumdac Systems.
  • Dr. Henry Masterson - A young scientist who worked as an engineer at Blackrock Industries until his obsession with the Autobots cost him his job. He was later recruited by Z Corp (a front company of the secretive Machination). He idolizes Dr. Arkeville and is in love with Circuit Breaker. Following an incident with the Transformers, Machination manages to save Masterson's body by merging him with the body made from Grindor's remains, codenaming it Headmaster. Afterwards, he breaks ties with Machination, and approaches Megatron with a plan to join the Decepticon ranks.
  • S.U.V. (Society of Ultimate Villainy): A group of human supervillains gathered by Slow-Mo who commit various crimes in Central City and around America. After allying themselves with Silas, who wanted to use the AllSpark fragment in Slow-Mo's timepiece to power his new weapon, they were double-crossed and were arrested when they attempted to get away.
    • Slo-Mo (Samantha Lomow) - Her costume is Roaring Twenties-themed and she speaks with a Chicago accent that goes with that era. A former worker in a clock factory, Slow-Mo discovered a piece of the AllSpark imbedded in a timepiece, which had the power to slow down and reverse time around anything and anyone she used it on. She gathered together criminals to form a crime syndicate. It was revealed at the time that she used her timepiece on Nanosec's speed-suit to restore him to his rightful age (on a related note, she does have an interest to him).
    • Angry Archer (Aaron Arsen Archer) - A Robin Hood-styled villain who uses a bow and arrows (with the arrows being somewhat similar to Hawkeye's trick arrows) to commit crimes. He first appeared when he robbed an armored car until he was captured by Team Prime and given to the authorities. He became a member of S.U.V. later on.
    • Nanosec (Nino Sexton) - Nino Sexton is a petty crook that Silas drafted to help him acquire Destronium. The reward was all the money from Fort Knox. He provided Sexton with an experimental speed suit, which enables the user to speed-skate at blurring speed. However, overuse of the suit's abilities results in Sexton's body displaying symptoms of old age (as if he was speeding through time). Only a recently upgraded Bumblebee could match Nanosec's speed, tricking the crook into chasing after him until he completely aged to a weak old man, allowing the police to take him into custody.
    • Professor Princess (Penelope "Penny" Sutton) - Her appearance is that of a young girl on a model horse called Powdered Sugar (who looks similar to a My Little Pony doll), and she uses toy-themed weaponry. Her only motivation so far seems to be the destruction of violent toys and games. Her great genius and attitude makes her a threat to the Transformers. She soon became a team member of SUV.
  • MECH: A terrorist organization that focuses on utilizing advanced machinery to start a "Newer World Order".
    • Silas (real name Colonel Leland Bishop) - An ex-special tactics member of the U.S. Army who went rogue after being discharged for building Project Damocles.
    • MECH 1 - Silas's right-hand man and field leader. Every so often, Silas disposes his right-hand man due to failure or incompetence and names a random soldier as his new MECH 1. His latest is a beautiful eyepatch-wearing woman.
    • Commandos - Agents of MECH that serve as its foot soldiers.
  • Joshua Joyce - The CEO of Kinetic Solutions Incorporated (KSI for short) and a self-declared rival of G.B. Blackrock.
  • Machination: A secret organization, devised by Lord Zarak. They maintain a front company called Z Corp.
  • Cemetery Wind: Cemetery Wind is a CIA black ops unit created after Zeta Prime's conquest of Earth, for the sole purpose of hunting, capturing and destroying Transformers.
    • Harold Attinger - The founder of Cemetery Wind and government official, who views the Transformers and other aliens as a threat to national security. Though he's shown to be loyal, brave and a determined patriot, he's willing to sacrifice lives to save the world.
    • James Savoy - The second-in-command of Cemetery Wind, and long-time associate of Harold Attinger. He shares his superior's unjust hatred for Transformers as his sister died during a battle against the Decepticons. Savoy is killed during a battle with the Decepticons when he engages Sparkplug in a fistfight and is accidentally knocked out of a window by him into his demise. Attinger watched Savoy die and he got angry that Cemetery Wind was losing the fight as well as losing a good friend.


  • The Seven Primes:
    • Alpha Trion the Historian - see Autobots
    • Vector Prime the Interdimensional Traveler - The master of time and space, which he could manipulate through his Blades of Time. One of the "Warriors" of the Thirteen. After the War of the Primes, Vector Prime was tasked with watching over time-space anomolies.
    • Micronus Prime the Catalyst - The conscience of the Thirteen, and the first Minicon, able to Powerlinx up with and enhance the power of his siblings through the use of his Chimera Stone. One of the "Strategists" of the Thirteen. After the War of the Primes, Micronus chose to go with Onyx into the Well of the All Sparks to keep his closest friend company in his eternal retreat, merging with Primus.
    • Alchemist Prime the Elemental - A student of the elemental structure of the natural world, aided in this by his Lenses, which allowed him to see further and deeper than anyone, in both material and spiritual senses. One of the "Free Agents" of the Thirteen. After the War of the Primes, Alchemist left to travel the stars.
    • Nexus Prime the Wizard of Forms - The first and greatest Combiner, Nexus Prime was granted the ability to divide himself into five separate forms by his Enigma of Combination. Unpredicatable, he was fascinated by change, and was a lighthearted prankster. One of the "Free Agents" of the Thirteen. After the War of the Primes, Nexus Prime chose to split his body into five lesser bots to protect the five pieces of the Blades of Time which could grant access to Vector Prime's dimension, and safeguard various weapons, including the Cyber Caliber, the Chaos Edge, and his own Omni Saber.
    • Onyx Prime the Spirit Warrior - The first beast-form Cybertronian, a primitive and spiritual being able to view other times, places, souls, and even the afterlife through his Triptych Mask which had three faces; Farsight, Predator, and Mournsong. One of the "Warriors" of the Thirteen. Fatally injured in the War of the Primes, Oynx Prime merged with Primus.
    • Amalgamous Prime the Shapeshifter - The joker of the Thirteen, he was unpredictable and easygoing, wielding his shapeshifting Scythe. He was the first Cybertronian with the ability of transformation, granted to him by his Transformation Cog. One of the "Warriors" of the Thirteen. After the War of the Primes, Amalgamous gave the pattern of his Transformation Cog to Onyx Prime, which became the basis for the T-Cogs and it slowly gave many Cybertronians amazing transformation skills but at the cost that they were merging into one being.
  • Cruiser - A neutral Cybertronian working class 'bot from Nyon and a friend of Rodimus. He's a supporter of the Autobots.
  • Cybertronian High Council - The ruling triumvirate of the planet Cybertron and head of the Senate. They lead the political and military fronts; and govern over most of Cybertron that remain neutral from the Great War. Though they often bicker amongst themselves.
    • ??? - The chairman of the council who acts as the middleman between the two. He wants the organization to run as smoothly as possible.
    • ??? - The one who speaks verbally against both the Autobots and Decepticons.
    • ??? - The only supporter of the Autobots.
  • Maccadam - The manager of Maccadam's Old Oil House.
  • Devcon - A student from the Cyber-Ninja Corps, Autobot Devcon became a bounty hunter to bring down Decepticons who must be brought to justice. He has a girlfriend. Alt-mode is a Cybertronic jet fighter (like the proposed Energon Slugslinger redeco). A combination of his G1 and Animated counterparts, with certain traits of Robots in Disguise Drift.
    • Slizardo - An alien who worked for Lord Gyconi on the casino asteroid, Monacus. He excelled at being submissive and was often mistreated by Gyconi. He's now Devcon's partner after he saved him from two thugs.
  • Prime Nova - The second Matrix bearer and the predecessor to Sentinel Prime. He rose to the rank following the death of Guardian Prime, and proves to be corrupt. He's a very patriotic individual, believing that all Cybertronians are Gods. He's a combination of the IDW comics Nova Prime and the live-action Sentinel Prime.
  • Knights of Unicron: The most legendary bot 'n roll band on Cybertron.
    • Metaldust* - Autobot civilian lead singer.
    • Thundercrash* - Decepticon civilian back-up singer.
    • Magnotron* - Decepticon civilian guitarist.
    • Chromeflash* - Neutral keytar player.
    • Shockstorm* - Autobot civilian drummer.
    • Silverwing* - Autobot civilian who's alt-mode is Magnotron's guitar.
    • Wildclaw* - Decepticon civilian who's alt-mode is Chromeflash's keytar.
    • Shadecharge* - Decepticon civilian manager.
    • Skylight* - Neutral femme and Metaldust's girlfriend.
    • Drones hired by Shadecharge to act as bodyguards and roadies.
  • Quintessons - A dark and mysterious race of mechanical beings. Enemies of the Transformer race (Autobots, Decepticons, and neutrals).
    • Alpha Q - The supreme leader of the Quintessons. A master manipulator and the only being the Judges fear.
    • Judges - The heads of state of the Quintesson Imperium, a group of subjugated worlds that claimed to be a part of a peaceful Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere.
    • Bailiffs
    • Executioners
    • Prosecutors
    • Scientists
    • Three-faced scientists
    • Security officers
    • Humanoids
  • Junkions - A TV-obsessed tribe of Transformers that inhabit the Planet of Junk. They're descended from Cybertronians.
    • Wreck-Gar - The leader of the Junkions. His parents were the first rulers of the Junk planet. He's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions.
    • Nancy - Wreck-Gar's conjunx endura (wife). She was created by one of Wreck-Gar's subjects as a birthday present. Her appearance is based on this fan comic .
    • Wreck-Gar II (aka Junior) - The son of Wreck-Gar I and Nancy. He dares to be stupid! Alt-mode is a mobile trash compactor. He's based on the Animated version of Wreck-Gar (inspired by RK-Striker-JK-5's Hasbroverse).
    • Detritus: One of Wreck-Gar's closest friends and associates. He's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions.
  • Star Seekers: A crew of space pirates who operate from their starship, the Tidal Wave, to hunt down any and all Cybertronians they can find.
    • Captain Thundertron: The massive, peg-legged leader of the Star Seekers and captain of the Tidal Wave. He claims to be the "mightiest freebooter of the spaceways". Ages ago, Thundertron swore that the creatures that caused the destruction of his world would pay for their crimes. Since then, he has wandered space in search of his revenge. Alt-mode is that of a mechanical lion.
    • First Mate Cannonball: Thundertron's second-in-command on the starship Tidal Wave. He is very loyal to Thundertron and enjoys eavesdropping on his crewmates. He's a combination of the Cybertron, G1, Aligned, and RID anime versions.
    • Brimstone: The quartermaster and master gunner on the starship Tidal Wave. He's a combination of the Aligned and G1 versions.
    • Hunter Axer: Axer was trained by Lockdown as a bounty hunter who used to be one of the Decepticons. When the shifter Makeshift refused to help him, Axer feigned hatred for Cybertronians and joined the Star Seekers. He's a combination of the G1 and Aligned versions.
    • Dread Pirate Crew - The backbone of Thundertron's crew aboard the Tidal Wave. They aren't the sharpest cutlasses in the block, but they get the pillaging and plundering done.
  • Primus the Warrior of Light - The creator of the Transformer race, Primus was chosen by the Lord himself to battle Unicron. The Cybertronians owe him their loyalty as his children. Primus is one of the oldest beings in the universe itself, and matched in power only by Unicron. Primus is the Lord of Light; a pure, natural force of order, strength and peace, committed eternally to the struggle against chaos, destruction and the ever-advancing darkness of Unicron.
  • Unicron the Chaos-Bringer - A spawn of the devil himself, Unicron is Primus's evil twin in every way. Unicron is an ancient and evil being who is the source of Dark Energon, a form of Energon with the ability to revive the bodies of dead Transformers as mindless Terrorcon zombies. After Primus and the Thirteen Primes defeated him, Unicron drifted through space in a state of hibernation for millions of years.


Orion Pax: Listen to me very carefully, brother: killing Megazarak will not bring you peace.
Megatron: Peace was never an option.

Megazarak: I don't want to hurt you, Megatron. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the Cybertronian race. You and me, son. This world could be ours.
Megatron: Everything you did make me stronger. It made me the weapon I am today. It's the truth. I've known it all along. You are my creator.

Megatron (moments before he kills Megazarak) I'd like you to know that I agree with every word you said. We are the future. But, unfortunately, you killed my mother.

???: And now... the battle begins.
—Spoken at the dawn of the Great War.

Mercura: I've got a good feeling about this. Any cycle now, we're gonna be overflowing with rich, All Spark-infused, energon-y goodness!
Arcee: Did you really just say 'energon-y goodness'?

Optimus Prime: Why do I get the feeling that you'll be the death of me someday?
Hot Rod: Come on. Don't say that, Big Boss.

Arcee: Need backup?
Roadburner: Do I ever need backup?

Roadburner: Arcee! Pull back!
—Roadburner's last words.

Arcee: I'll avenge you my friend. I swear it.

—As she destroys several pieces of equipment in the Decepticons' getaway ship.

Starscream: That blasted Shockwave sees and hears everything!

???: But Zeta...
Bumblebee: a glitch-head. All due respect.

Zeta Prime: What kind of screwloose planet IS this?!

Sunstreaker: Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive and violent race.
Optimus Prime: Were we so different, Sunstreaker? They're a young species. They have much to learn. But I've seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

(The Autobots are fighting the Decepticons. Hot Rod and Springer showing each other off to impress Arcee.)
Arcee: Honestly! Men!
Slipstream: I know, right? (looking to Starscream and Ramjet)

Sentinel Prime: Definitely appears to be a fragment of the AllSpark. Apparently, your story about dispersing it may not be so far-fetched after all.
Zeta Prime: But sir, you can't honestly believe that. He's a lying, insubordinate crankshaft.
Sentinel: He may be a little rough around the edges, but in the heat of battle, Optimus Prime exhibited the qualities of a true leader: strategic thinking, determination, and above all, loyalty. Something you could stand to learn a thing or two about, Zeta Prime.

Judy Witwicky: But I just got here! I made sandwiches.
"O": (eagerly) Ooh, I like one please, Mrs. Witwicky!

Judy Witwicky: Samuel James Witwicky, you will not be traveling to another planet!
Jessie: I'm in!
Judy: You’re not going either, Jessie!

Judy Witwicky: But why would Optimus willfully endanger a human! A child!
Spike: I'm not a child, mom!
Judy: You're my child!

Carly: Hey, Spike.
Spike: Hey, Carly! What’s up?
Carly: I want to ask you something.
Spike: Shoot.
Carly: How come I never see you around?
Spike: What are you talking about? We have chemistry together.
(Carly gives Spike an interesting look)
Spike: (nervously rubbing his neck) ...Uh, I mean, class! Chemistry class.
Carly: I mean, outside of school. I never see you in any parties. Or the mall.
Spike: Oh. Well, mostly I'm here with my dad, fixing cars. And there's some other stuff... (a bell rings) Don't go anywhere. (heads outside) Hey, welcome to Witwicky Auto Repairs, what can I...
(Arcee drives up, with a hologram of a biker woman in a pink suit)
Arcee: Your shift is over, Spike. Let's go.
Carly: Oh... that kind of stuff.
(Carly walks off)
Spike: Carly, wait! She's my cousin Sadie.
Arcee: Hey Carly, Spike told me all about you.
("Sadie" extends her hand)
Carly: (noticed "Sadie" is a blonde) I see. (takes her hand) Your cousin looks good in leather... on her bike, I mean. Yeeah...
—Carly is unconvinced that the biker girl is really Spike's cousin.

Student: (raises his hand) Mr. Arkeville?
Henri Arkeville: That's Doctor Arkeville! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILDREN?!

Buster: (about Jessie, arm crossed and blushing) She's not my girlfriend!
(Bumblebee beeps)
Buster: What did he just say?
Prowl: He said that denial isn't just the name of a river. Whatever that means.

Blackarachnia: It'll be a long time before I ever trust another Autobot. Especially you, Arcee.

Soundwave: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Sentinel #448: Get the Autobot!
Sentinel #365: The Autobot must not escape!

Megatron: The true Emperor of Destruction shall return and bring glory to the Decepticon Empire!
General Scrash: Don't try to frighten us with your prophetic words, Lord Megatron. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen datatrax, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Autobots' hidden base--
Megatron: (strangles Scrash) I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Charlene Welles: He stole my report! Grrr, I'm going to wring his neck.
—Watching Hector Ramírez's news coverage, which he stole from her.

One of Maccadam's bartenders: Hey! We don't serve their kind here!
Cruiser: What?
Bartender: Your organic friends. (pointing at Spike and Jessie) They'll have to wait outside, they don't belong in here!
Jessie: (hands on her hips) Hmph, I resent that remark!
Spike: (whispers) Not now, Jessie.

Spike: (to the military about to shoot the Autobots) It's okay, they're friendly. Well, most of them... one is grumpy! And one is vain and full of himself!
Sunstreaker: (snicker, to Tracks) He's talking about you.
Tracks: No, he's talking about you, drama king!
Sunstreaker: Who are you calling drama king?
Ratchet: Will you two knock it off?!

Arcee: (to a mob of angry feminists) I'll show you all how pathetic and weak-looking I am!

Sideswipe: (puts a hand on Sunstreaker's shoulder) Come on, bro. Calm it down.
Sunstreaker: (corrupted by synthetic energon; takes Sideswipe's hand away) Don't you dare patronize me, bro! Calm is the last thing we need! Calm is what lost us Cybertron! The Cons have a warship, an army. All this energon scouting, you think Megatron isn't gearing up for something big? We're squandering our resources, chasing after his crumbs when we really need to be hitting him hard and hitting him now, precisely where it hurts!
Optimus Prime: A direct assault on the Decepticons would only provoke retaliation and lead to incalculable losses. I will not endanger innocent human lives.
Sunstreaker: Yet you seem to have no problem endangering ours! Just ask Roadburner! Oh, I forgot. He couldn't be here today!
Arcee: That's it! It's on!
(Bulkhead and Cliffjumper hold Arcee back)
Sunstreaker: Y'know your problem, Optimus? For such a big, strong bot, you're soft. Ya didn't pound Megatron into scrap when you had the chance - many chances in fact!
Overload: How dare you question Optimus Prime! What our master does or how he does it is his own business!
Optimus: Stand down Overload. I'm afraid that the synthetic energon has impaired his judgment. I am confiding you to base until further noticed. Ratchet, bridge us back.
Sunstreaker: Fine!

Knockout: (about Sunstreaker) What a drama king! (the other Decepticons stare at him) Uh, relatively speaking, of course.

Zeta Prime: Yeesh, Optimus, think you could have drawn that one out any longer?
Optimus Prime: You're welcome, Zeta.

Blackarachnia: You have something to say, Shockwave?

Shockwave: Do you yield, Blackarachnia?
Blackarachnia: (sighs) I yield.
Knockout: Watch out for the quiet ones...

Bulkhead: You were always mean to me and Bumblebee. You may not be a traitor... but you were never a good bot.
Wasp: Good? GOOD?! Wasp was never good! Wasp was BETTER!!

Megatron: We might make a Decepticon out of you yet, Swindle.

Zeta Prime: It's an abomination! Just like you!... And I can't allow it!
(Zeta pulls out his lance)
Blackarachnia: So that's it? You just slag your beloved protégé Mercura?
Zeta Prime: Don't say that name! You don't even deserve to say that name! (Zeta swipes, knocking Blackarachnia's helmet off, revealing her true face) You're not Mercura, you mutant freak. Mercura went offline a long time ago.
Blackarachnia: And so will you, and Arcee.

Blackarachnia: When you extinguish my spark, make it hurt. You know I would extend that courtesy to you.
Arcee: (hesitated, but refused) No... I don't wanna hurt.
Blackarachnia: (furious) You already have!

Waspinator: Bad stuff always happens to Waspinator!

Arcee: I'm sorry I never told you about Mercura. I didn't want to open old wounds, and I uh... I guess I never really apologized for leaving her behind all those stellar cycles ago.
Zeta Prime: Yeah, I guess I'm sorry too. Sorry I ever assigned you two to that stupid planet in the first place. Besides it's too late for apologies now, Arcee. Too late for all of us.

Starscream: (upon seeing Thunderwing) He... lives?
Thunderwing: (bows) Lord Megatron.
Megatron: Thunderwing! This is quite an unexpected turn. I thought you'd perished on Cybertron. (looking directly at Starscream)
Starscream: (chuckles nervously) Yes, as... As did we all.
Thunderwing: Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. A group of Autobots infiltrated my master's palace on Cybertron, interfering his plan to wipe out Stanix. I gave chase but failed to capture them. I awoke in the rubble. In time, I repaired my wounds and rose up to commanding position. Until one day, I was charged with apprehending three Autobot prisoners that escaped to Earth. So here I am. (turns to Starscream) Leaving one unanswered question. (points his sword at Starscream) Why was I left for scrap, abandoned? Why?
Starscream: (nervously) The-the-the explosion, it-it collapsed the power core chamber. The last thing anyone witnessed was you charging into the spacebridge portal. No one saw you come back out.
Thunderwing: (pause) I'll accept that.

Wreck-Gar: Heeere's Wreck-Gar!

(The Matrix of Leadership shines)
Optimus Prime: (from inside the Matrix) Arise, Rodimus Prime.
Hot Rod (becoming Rodimus Prime): Optimus...!

Rodimus Prime: Autobots, transform and roll out!
Overload: (impressed) As you command, Rodimus Prime.
Kup: I knew you had potential, lad!

Zeta Prime: As your Sentinel, I will continue to defeat the Decepticon scourge and bring peace and security to Cybertron! I'm Zeta Prime, and I approve of this message.
—Zeta Prime's propaganda film.

???: Zeta Prime, please explain why all but essential Energon has been diverted to Fortress Maximus.
Alpha Trion: Need we remind you that the Council is still deliberating?
Zeta Prime: As acting Sentinel, I must be ready to strike should Omega... should Megatron make a move against us.
Alpha Trion: Very well. We will inform you of our decision shortly.

Zeta Prime: Oh, don't you start with me, Optimus! You think everything revolves around you, don'cha? That we Autobots couldn't possibly survive without the mighty and powerful Optimus Prime, the prized pupil of Sentinel Prime, to guide us through our problems, huh? Well, I got a news flash for ya - we got along just fine without you, even before you left searching for energy all those cycles ago!
Optimus Prime: Oh, and this qualifies as "just fine"?! Corrupting the citizens with your propaganda? Abusing your position? Risking our safety?! I mean, c'mon! What were you thinking?!
Zeta: Don't push it, Optimus! You can't leave home and come back expecting us to fall in line again, just like your little soldiers!
Optimus: Hey, I'm trying to be a better leader, for you! For all of you! Why do you hate me for that?!
Zeta: AND WHOEVER SAID I WANTED TO BE LEAD?! I should have gotten the Matrix of Leadership! I deserve to be Sentinel Prime's successor! I DESERVED TO BE A PRIME!
Optimus: Listen to yourself! Do you know who you sound like?!
Zeta: Like what? Say it, Optimus! Say it!
Optimus: Like Megatron.
Zeta: I'm nothing like Megatron! I'm nothing like that Decepticon! I am an Autobot! An Autobot who's doing what neither you nor that rusted-out, obsolete model Sentinel was unwilling to do! I'm better off calling my own shots now, get used to it!
Optimus: YOU - AREN'T - READY! You're impatient, and hot-tempered, and more importantly... I'm better than you.
Zeta: (laughs) Oh, ya know somethin', Optimus? (pulls out his lance and shield) I'd have to disagree with you on that one. (stands ready)
Optimus: Please, don't do this, Zeta.
Zeta: (serious) I'm done taking orders from you, Prime.
Optimus: (serious as well, pulls out his energon-axe) So be it.
(both start their battle)

Prime Nova: What you must realize, my Autobot brothers, is that we were never going to win the war. For the sake of our planet's survival, a deal had to be made... with Megatron.

Zeta Prime: (brought his best Elite Guards with him) In the name of the planet Cybertron, you are under arrest, Prime Nova.
Prime Nova: Are you threatening me, Zeta Prime?
Zeta Prime: The High Council will decide your fate.
Prime Nova: This is treason then.
???: You're one to talk.

Zeta Prime: (charges Nova) For Cybertron!
(Prime Nova blasts him, then he walks over to him aiming his gun)
Prime Nova: I am Cybertron!
Zeta Prime: Never...
(Nova shoots Zeta dead)

Optimus Prime: (eulogy to Zeta) Let his spark be one with the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron.

Prime Nova: On Cybertron we were gods. And here... here they call us "machines".

Knockout: This little mudball of a planet is doomed anyway.

Prime Nova: (laying down the law to Megatron) I have deigned to work with you, so that our planet may survive! I will never work FOR you!

Prime Nova: How doomed you are, Autobots. You simply fail to understand that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Optimus Prime: Get down here Nova!
Prime Nova: Optimus, you forget your place... I bring you Cybertron, your home! And still you choose humanity.
Optimus Prime: You were the one that taught me freedom was everyone's right.

Prime Nova: (fighting Optimus) We were gods once, all of us! But here, there will only be ONE!

Prime Nova: (after being damaged by Megatron) I should have known better than to ally with a Decepticon.

(Prime Nova was shot by Megatron using Nova's own cannon. Optimus is beside the dying Nova, who realized how far he has fallen.)
Prime Nova: (dissolving) Optimus... all I ever wanted... was the survival of our race... You must see why I had to betray you...
Optimus Prime: (disgustedly) You didn't betray me, Nova. You betrayed yourself.
(Optimus walks away from Nova to die alone as he finally dissolves into nothingness)

Wreck-Gar: Naaancy, you got some splainin to dooo!

Rodimus Major: (bemoaning to himself) I was a Prime for a while, and yet I'm still the rookie.

Primal Major: You want to destroy the ship, and run away. You call yourself a warrior?
Dinobot: (irked) If you were any other Maximal, I would kill you where you stand!

Cruiser: (as the newly appointed Supreme Convoy) Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars as we march forward into a new age of peace and happiness! (raises his fist) 'Til all are one!
Cybertronians and Autobots: (chanting) 'Til all are one! 'Til all are one...

Megatron: Well, come on, let's have it—the usual 'destiny and honor' speech.
Optimus Prime: Speech this! (decks Megatron)

Liege Maximo: Your words true. But in all of space, I stand alone. I am the Liege Maximo.

Jhiaxus: We are not merely their equals, we are their superiors.

Fallen: Decepticons, mobilize. It is time.

Optimus Prime: The world will know what you did here!
Joshua Joyce: The world? The world will approve! We can make you now. Don't you get it? We don't need you anymore.
Miles Lancaster: That was harsh, man!
Optimus Prime: Autobots, we're done here.

Arcee: Roadburner would have loved to be part of this.
—Contemplating on the charity race.

Igor: The humans are the most irritating pests in the universe.
Megatron: Only next to you, Igor.
Igor: (flattered) Oh, thank you, Lord Megatron!

Thundercrash: Hey, man. I can't figure out what side we're on. I mean, since some of us are Autobots and Decepticons, shouldn't we be on opposing sides?
Chromeflash: Oh, hey, man. Just play the gig. Never get involved with politics.
Shockstorm: Politics! Politics!

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