When I was given Adminsitrator rights to this Wiki in January, I began a long-term project aimed at cleaning up the wiki. A big part of the problem was that it had been fundamentally leaderless for years before then. This meant that there was nobody there to ensure that the Wiki's policies were being enacted, to prevent vandalisim of pages, to clean up pages makred for deletion, to stop the proliferation of redundant categories and so on. The place was, simply put, a complete mess.

As a result, it took months of work for me to get the wiki back into shape. Some of what I've done in that time includes:

  • Ensuring that every page is categorised
  • Ensuring that every page fits the Wiki's standards for title
  • Removing dozens of redutandant or empty categories and ensuring that the remaining ones were approrpiatly categoriesed themselves
  • Adding dozens of wanted categories
  • Removing an estimated six hundred (!) pages that were marked for deletion or otherwise blanked or requested to be removed and would have never otherwise been actioned
  • Removing a number of pages that contained deliberately offensive content
  • Banning one user for their vandalisim of other users' content and creation, and even attacking other user

And even now, I'm sure there is still work to do.

However, I want to emphasise that I will be here to keep the Wiki running. If anyone has any suggestons for things I can do to improve the Wiki or that needs to be done, please let me know.

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