Recently the wiki has seen a surge in new content. That's great, and it's allways good to see new users and their creations. However, with that being said, there are a few issues that I want to address.

There's been a lot of issues of late with Redundant Categories being created by users for their content. Some of these have included "Teenagers", "Human Males", "Movie Sequels" and so on. None of these needed to exist. They're overly specific, and are really just subdividing categories that were allready in place.

Likewise we've had a suge in categories for user-specific groups and subfactions. These are again somewhat regundant; if a character belongs to that group/subfaction/whatever else. then put them in that. Creation of user-specific iterations of existing categories is only creating more clutter.

The second issue I want to discuss here is Scope Creep. This is a Wiki for Transformers Fanon. As such, articles should have a direct tie to Transformers fiction in some form. An article for a fanon TV series fits within this scope. An article for a real-world streaming service that the aforementioned runs on does not. Again, when creating articles, consider just how it actually ties in to actual Transfomers fanon and how relevant it actually is.

The third issue I want to cover is that of Redundant Redirects. A Redirect page should only be created when there is a legitimate reason for doing such. Renaming a page because of a typo in the title is a good reason, or because the author wishes to change it at a later date. Creating redirects simply because a character has an alias or an alternate name is not.

Finally, I would like to remind users that all articles are owned by their creators. Editing another user's article without their permission, including renaming it, is a direct breach of the Wiki's rules and can result in suspension or even a ban.

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