• Michael BayHaterSupreme

    That is reboot of Live Action series


    = Autobots ===
    Name Voice Description Altmode
    Optimus Prime Peter Cullen The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is determined to destroy the evil forces of the Decpticons. Despite his stoic exterior, Optimus cares deeply for his fellow Autobots and the innocent humans of Earth. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and he will never give up as long as his spark beats. Red-and-blue semi-truck
    Bumblebee Drake Bell Optimus Prime's faithful scout and loyal soldier. Though young compared to most of Team Prime, Bumblebee is strong, fast, agile, and incredibly courageous. Unfortunately, his vocal processors were damaged during the Great War. He talks in beeps now, b…

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  • Michael BayHaterSupreme

    That is my on cartoon show it takes place to G1

    • Optimus Prime (TF2017) (voiced by Peter Cullen)
    • Arcee (Animated Fanon) (voiced by Laura Bailey)
    • Bumblebee (TF2017) (voiced by Johnny Young Borch)
    • Cliffjumper (TF2017) (voiced by Wally Wingert)
    • Wheeljack (TF2017) (voicedby John DiMaggio)
    • Ironhide (TF2017) (voiced Diedrich Bader)
    • Prowl (TF2017) (voiced by Eric Bauza)
    • Ultra Magnus (TF2017) (voiced by Michael Ironside)
    • Jazz (TF2017) (voiced by Phil LaMarr)

    Main Cast:

    • Megatron (TF2017) (voiced by Frank Welker)
    • Lugnut (Animated Fanon) (voiced by Kevin Grevioux)
    • Starscream (TF2017) (voiced by Sam Riegel)
    • Thundercracker (TF2017) (voiced by Graham McTavish)
    • Skywarp (TF2017) (voiced by Frank Welker)
    • Soundwave (TF2017) (voiced by Issac C. Singleton Jr.)
    • Shockwave (TF…

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  • Michael BayHaterSupreme

    DEXATI20180301133215.png Transformers Desperation is GGI TV series of franchise. It's like from Transformers G1

    Optimus Prime Autobot Leader.Mack Titan semi-trailer truck

    • Bumblebee - Espionage.Volswagen Type 1 Bettle
    • Arcee - Scout. Pink Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

    Ironhide - Security.Ford F-150 pickup truck

    Ratchet - Medic.Armored Ford F-550 Ambulance

    • Jazz (Phil LaMarr) - 1st Luitanent and Saboteur.He transforms into a Porsche 959 sports car
    Wheeljack - (James Horan) BWM rally car. Read more >
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