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= Autobots ===
Name Voice Description Altmode
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is determined to destroy the evil forces of the Decpticons. Despite his stoic exterior, Optimus cares deeply for his fellow Autobots and the innocent humans of Earth. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and he will never give up as long as his spark beats. Red-and-blue semi-truck
Bumblebee Drake Bell Optimus Prime's faithful scout and loyal soldier. Though young compared to most of Team Prime, Bumblebee is strong, fast, agile, and incredibly courageous. Unfortunately, his vocal processors were damaged during the Great War. He talks in beeps now, but most Cybertronians understand him ok. Yellow-and-black Camaro
Arcee Laura Bailey Another scout often paired with Bumblebee, Arcee is determined, hardened, and will do anything for her fellow Autobot. Though she may be the smallest Autobot of Team Prime, she can scrap with the best of them. After all, if they want to hurt her, they'll have to catch her first. Blue motorbike
Jazz Phil LaMarr Optimus' smooth-talking combat specialist, Jazz is one of his first lieutenants. Jazz's dance-like fighting style has one him more battles than he can count. Always keeping a cool head, Jazz never ceases to amaze his fellow Autobots in battle. Grey sports car
Ironhide Keith Szarabajka An bot considered old by Cybertronian standards, Ironhide is gruff, but tough as nails in combat. Ironhide is a wise old soul and master strategist on par with Elita herself. Though he may appear cranky, Ironhide cares deeply for his team and Cybertron. Red pickup truck
Wheeljack James Horan The brains of Ark crew,Wheeljack is an...eccentric scientist. Wheeljack is both one of his team's greatest asset and loosest cannon. Though his inventions can be very helpful, 4 out of 5 times they end up blowing up his lab. He makes frequent visits to Red Alert. White racecar
Ratchet Jeffery Combs Optimus' medic and tech specialist, Ratchet is one of Optimus' oldest comrades and friends. Though Ratchet may seem cranky and less than enthusiastic, he will repair any injuries his Autobot companions may suffer in an instant. Because of his invaluable skill set, he doesn't go out into the field often. That doesn't mean he can't fight, though. He's more than capable. Ambulance


Name Voice Description Altmode
Megatron Frank Welker The fearsome leader of the Decepticons, Megatron will stop at nothing to procure power for himself and the Decepticons. He is ruthless, merciless, and rightfully feared throughout the cosmos. He appears to have a personal history with Optimus Prime, though he won't discuss the details. Cybertronian jet
Starscream Tom Kenny Megatron's right-hand bot, Starscream wants nothing more than to be the leader of the Decepticons, and is more than willing to knock off Megatron to do it. Starscream is cunning, manipulative, and utterly remoreseless. Nobody knows exactly why Megatron continues to keep him around. We think it's because he finds him amusing. Jet plane
Soundwave Issac C. Singelton Jr. Megatron's stoic and unfeeling lieutenant, Soundwave is difficult to read. He can tap into satellite feeds, radio waves, and any other signal you could imagine. He also enjoys recording audio played around him and playing it back at a convenient time. He also has several minions to deploy whenever necessary. Jet plane
Rumble/Frenzy Robert McCollum Two of Soundwave's minions. Rumble is red, and Frenzy is blue. The two robots are known for destroying structures with their earth-shaker weapons. Even if they aren't huge, these spunky twins are a major pain in the Autobots' tailpipes. Cassette tapes
Ravage N/A A Cybertronian panther-like creature, Ravage is a stealthy and deadly adversary. He is among Soundwave's minions which are deployed for scouting purposes. He is deathly loyal to his master, but not much else. Cassette tape
Laserbeak N/A Another one of Soundwave's minions, Laserbeak resembles a large metal bird that's very intelligent. Laserbeak is a master of reconnaissance missions, sneaking into any small areas required. Though Laserbeak doesn't have much to say, he is fiercely loyal to Soundwave. Cassette tape
Knock Out Daran Norris The Decepticons' medic, Knock Out's not only an automobile, but an automobile enthusiast. Knock Out is incredibly vain and full of himself to the point where certain 'cons are confused as to why he even bothers helping others. He is a skilled doctor, though. Don't doubt that. Red sports car Demolisher Clancy Brown An crabby soldier who wants to kill some Autobots he never give up on his Autobot victims Missle tank
Barricade Steve Blum A Decepticon soldier who loves nothing more than to deceive his foes into trusting him before crushing them beneath his foot. Barricade is put in charge of recon into human settlements, and his altmode definitely suits that purpose. Police car
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