"Mmm, tastes like week-old sump oil!"
Fishimus Prime on Warm Flat Black Fuzzy

Warm Flat Black Fuzzy is a power source used by Fishimus Prime to enhance his power. A type of liquid energy source, it is found in plastic and metal containers of varying sizes. The exact source of the substance is unknown; the containers seem to appear out of nowhere, and Fishumus only uses it after it has been left standing for some time. The substance has been found on both Cybertron and Earth, which suggests that it may be some sort of previously un-cataloged Energon byproduct or derivative.

The power of Warm Flat Black Fuzzy cannot be underestimated. A single dose of it is enough to completely reinvigorate a transformer of Fishimus’ size, taking him from near-shutdown to full capacity, ready for combat and smashing innocent furniture. However, too much of the substance causes him to overload, sending him bouncing around the landscape in a manic frenzy of spinning limbs and strange noises, before collapsing. It was while on one of these overloads that he was scanned by the Deus Ex Machine, resulting in the creation of Black Crystal Pepsi Convoy.

No other Transformers are known to use Warm Flat Black Fuzzy, primarily because it tastes foul; however Fuzzboxes have been known to carry it around on occasion. Beating them up sometimes results in them dropping bottles of it.

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