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The world's last Pizza Hovel

The World’s Last Pizza Hovel is a vital strategic location on Earth Planet that was key to defending the planet during the attempted Customercon invasion.

Once, many years ago, Pizza Hovel restaurants could be found worldwide, serving out cheap, greasy but inexplicably attractive pizzas to humans. However, the fast food chain chose to refocus its operations on home delivery, which resulted in the closure of every Pizza Hovel dine in store in the world save for one. Located in the town of Woop-Woop, Australia, this Pizza Hovel continued to churn out mountains of buffet cheese-laden pizza, rock-hard garlic bread and strangely fascinating potato gems regardless of the demise of the rest of its kind. However, even it was not immune to the ravages of entropy, as its salad bar didn’t have the crispy bacon bits. Damn you, crispy bacon bits!

For reasons known only to himself (and explained with the phrase ‘I have a shiny thing in my chest, so I must be right’) Fishimus Prime decided that the World’s Last Pizza Hovel would be vital to their victory over the Customercons. As such, he held a number of important meetings there with the other Arbitrary Autobots, which consisted of them sitting around in their car modes in the car park and talking while their Holomatter avatars went inside to eat pizza. It was not entirely clear what this process was actually achieving, but he deemed it so important that they had to hold multiple meetings there.


The approximate location of Woop-Woop

However, it turned out that his planning was entirely spot on, suggesting either some greater wisdom at play or, at the very least, pure dumb luck. A Customercon attack force, lead by Black Crystal Pepsi Convoy, attacked Woop-Woop, searching for the World’s Last Pizza Hovel. The evil black repaint clone had come up with an ingenious plan to hook his soft drink cannon up to the all-you-can-drink dispenser to give him a multitude of different weaponised flavours. Fortunately, not only were the Arbitrary Autobots handily there, but Fishimus Prime was dosed up on Warm Flat Black Fuzzy at the time. As a result, the Customercons were defeated and had to settle for dining at a nearby Crimson Chook instead.

Emboldened by this, Pizza Hovel’s parent company (Consolidated FoodCo) announced that they were opening a new high-concept Pizza Hovel dine in restaurant at a slightly less inaccessible location. Weather it would have bacon bits remains unknown at this time.

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